Beverage Media
February 2013
11,000 Years
& Counting
According to the academic journal
, archaeologists believe that
organized brewing goes
back 11,000 years
or more, based on
brewing troughs dis-
covered at the site
of cultic feasts in
Turkey. Apparently
researchers in the
field have also had
an ongoing debate
since the 1950s over
whether grain was
first cultivated for use in making beer
or baking bread.
Control #s
During November, 9L spirits case
sales in America’s control states
grew 10.3% compared to same
month in 2011. Rolling 12-month
volumes grew 4.2%, up from Octo-
ber’s 3.7%. Dollarwise, sales grew
14.5% during November while trend-
ing at 7.0% during over the previ-
ous 12 months. What was hot? Irish
Whiskey, albeit on a tiny 0.8% share
of the control states spirits market,
was the fastest-growing category
with 25% growth in November and
a 12-month trend of +20.3%. Vodka,
with 35% share, grew 9.9% and
6.2%. Perhaps the best news of all:
in addition to those two categories,
Brandy/Cognac, Canadian Whiskey,
Cocktails, Cordials, Domestic Whis-
key, Gin, Rum, Scotch and Tequila
all grew in November 2012 at rates
exceeding their 12-month trends.
Keeping up with Prosecco growth
is getting harder than keeping up
with the Kardashians. The easy-
drinking, modestly priced bubbly
is enjoying 35% annual growth and
now outsells Champagne here in
the U.S. (1,000,000 cases/year). The
Consorzio Prosecco DOC is promis-
ing to keep promotions ratcheted up
in 2013, particularly in Chicago and
New York.
Millennials Do It
According to Boston Consulting
Group, Millennials are dining out
more often than the rest of the U.S.
population: 3.4 times per week on
average, vs. 2.8. Moreover, as Mil-
lennials’ approach to dining out is to
treat it more as a social event, bar
dining, communal seating and small
plates may turn up more often in
restaurants aiming to attract them.
10% of BDX
Now to China
The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB)
has revealed that Asia is its hottest
market now, with 10% of all Bordeaux
wines now going to China, which
imports more than twice the volumes
going to such traditional European
markets as the UK, Germany and
Belgium. The U.S. is also among the
growing markets, rising 11% over the
12 months ending in July 2012. Not
surprisingly, the UK is still the top
destination for value (they still fancy
“the good stuff”).
South Africa
the Bountiful
South African wine exports were up
18.3% for the 12 months through
November 2012, according to South
African Wine Industry Information &
Systems (SAWIS). Bulk wine and white
wines were apparently the main boost-
ers. Looking ahead, wineries expect
a big crop in 2013, thanks to weather
conditions so far this growing cycle; it
could be the third largest harvest in the
country’s history.
Trends &
Scotch =
£4bn Industry
The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has reported that the Scotch
Whisky industry generates more than £4bn per year and supports an
estimated 36,000 jobs. Not so relevant here in the U.S. at first glance,
except that it is the export market that has been driving growth, setting
the industry up for what the SWA called its “second golden age.”
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