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February 2013
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2012 ‘Traffic Report’
By ian griffith
round this time every year
we review the results of our
benchmarking report which
shows how retailer websites
on the BevSites eCommerce platforms
have fared over the past year.
The big news for online wine re-
tailers in 2012 was that in June Google
stopped offering free product listings
on their homepage. This column
broke the news that as Google’s new
Shopping service was being rolled out,
alcohol listings were being dropped.
This left a big hole in referral traffic for
online retailers over the second half of
the year. Google has yet to reconcile
inconsistent policies on alcohol ad-
vertising, but we expect that product
feeds will be an option in the future for
stores that are willing to pay for clicks.
Google Products traffic had been
a source of free traffic and sales for all
the retailer websites on our eCom-
merce platform, and for a majority of
other online stores. This accounted for
somewhere between 5% and 25% of a
store’s sales depending on how much
a store had diversified their traffic. Yet
not all stores were willing to experi-
ment with online advertising to find
replacement traffic. For whatever rea-
son, the lower-traffic stores mostly de-
cided to absorb the drop in traffic, and
only a few were able to grow their sales
over last year.
Replacing Google Power
Themost popular alternative toGoogle
Products among the higher traffic re-
tailers was Amazon’s shopping feed.
This is a relatively new and abundant
source of traffic for wine retailers. After
several false steps, Amazon has figured
out different advertising options for re-
tailers and wineries. Retailer feeds re-
sult in referral traffic where orders are
completed on the store website. With
only three referring retailers listed on
each product, retailers rely on Ama-
zon’s algorithm to position them in
place for the referral. Stores with more
clicks score better on the algorithm, so
retailers with more products who have
been listed on Amazon for longer will
generate more traffic.
As you might imagine, stores in the
top 20% of sales on our platform ac-
counted for almost all the stores taking
advantage of Amazon’s shopping feed.
While some of the larger sites were un-
able to fully mitigate the loss of sales
from Google Products, the Amazon
sales made a significant impact. Almost
half of this cohort found they were able
to recover lost ground and on balance
increase their sales when Google Prod-
ucts and Amazon were compared.
Growth vs. Profitability
A key indicator that is missing from
our view of the Internet is the profit-
ability of a store’s business. While we
get excited at seeing large sales and
high traffic we have a limited view of
whether this was profitable activity for
a store. Growth for the sake of growth
may not be healthy, and once a store
starts paying for traffic, this puts pres-
sure on margins.
As a group the higher traffic sites
were able to achieve higher aver-
age conversion rates (closer to 2.5%),
higher PageViews per visit (closer to
4.5 pages), and lower cancellation
rates (under 10%) than the lower traf-
fic sites. While design may play a role
in these benchmarks, it is more likely
that product selection, pricing and
customer engagement are the keys to
making the traffic count. Paying for
traffic has become the new norm with
online retail, and similar to locating
your store in a higher rent district, it
puts a burden on the store to satisfy
every customer.
To comment on this column or to learn more about
how Beverage Media can help with a website for your
store, visit, or contact Ian Griffith at 617-
864-1677. Follow us on twitter at
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