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February 2013
Wines of Chile Awards:
10 Years of Excellence
January marked the 10
of the Annual Wines of Chile Awards
(AWOCA), an event that over the
years has drawn some of the world’s top
palates to taste and judge the best wines
from the country. Taking “Best in Show”
honors this year was Don Maximiano
Founder’s Reserve 2010, a proprietary
red blend from Viña Errazuriz.
At a gala held at the conclusion of
17 “Best in Category” trophies awarded
by variety, in both premium and value
categories. In addition to the category
leaders, bronze, silver and gold medals
were presented to an astonishing 79%
of the wines entered into competition—
the most the event has ever seen.
“We are extremely pleased to see such
high marks for our wines this year,” said
Lori Tieszen, Executive director ofWines
of Chile USA. “Chile is continuing to
produce wines of incredible caliber, and
those efforts are recognized.”
Wines of Chile’s 95 member wineries
represent 88% of Chile’s bottled wine
exports. The organization picked this
landmark year of the awards to focus
on one of the country’s most important
growing consumer markets—Asia.
Wine experts from Japan, China and
Korea joined Chilean judges in a three-
day blind tasting of the record 615 wines
that entered the competition this year.
The top AWOCA wines in each
category this year are:
– Sideral 2009, Viña Altair S.A.
Cabernet Sauvignon
– Arboleda
2010, Viña Arboleda
– Marchigue Private
Collection 2011, Viñedos Marchigue
– Aconcagua Costa
2011, Viña Errazuriz
Late Harvest
– Erasmo 2008, Viña la
Reserva de Caliboro
Pinot Noir
– Cono Sur 20 Barrels
2010, Viña Cono Sur
Sauvignon Blanc
– Outer Limits
2011, Montes S.A.
– Single Vineyard 2011,
Viña Cono Sur
– 20 Barrels 2010,
Viña Cono Sur
Other Red
– Vigno Garcia Schwaderer
2009, Garcia & Schwaderer
Other White
– Santa Carolina Reserva
Moscato 2012, Santa Carolina
– Litoral Rosé of Pinot Noir
2012, Viña Ventolera S.A.
– Santa Digna Estelado
2012, Miguel Torres Chile
Premium Red
– Don Maximiano
Founder's Reserve 2010,
Viña Errazuriz
Premium White
– Cipreses Vineyard
Sauvignon Blanc 2011,
Viña Casa Marín
Value Red
– Oveja Negra Cabernet
Franc – Carmenere 2011, VIA Wines
Value White
– Santa Carolina Reserva
Moscato 2012, Santa Carolina
Best in Show
– Don Maximiano
Founder's Reserve 2010,
Viña Errazuriz
Wine & Spirits Take to TV
Vine Talk
The Winemaker
zled on the small screen, but is there still
hope for wine in prime time? In TNT’s hit
drama series
, starring Timothy
Hutton and a team of specialists who
tackle corruption by big shots, a recent
episode called “The Corkscrew Job”
targeted a winery owner whose workers
were collapsing.
Meanwhile, the website Wetpaint re-
ported that Ben Flajnik, who vaulted to
fame via
The Bachelor
, is reportedly ne-
gotiating with the E! network to launch
a new series that would focus on his
“real” life—making and marketing the
Envolve wine brand.
And Dewar’s Blended Scotch is
back on the airwaves after a five-year
absence. The brand’s TV ad campaign—
“Dewar’s: The Drinking Man’s Scotch”—
aims to subvert the tweed and tradition
of Scotch whisky and reintroduce Dew-
ar’s to a new generation of modern and
urban men, with a little help from a strik-
ing woman—Claire Forlani (aka Lauren
Hunter from
NCIS: Los Angeles
Gone are the wood-paneled librar-
ies, leather club chairs and cigar smoke.
Glasgow is the home of Dewar’s and the
home of its cunning icon—Forlani as
a mysterious Scottish woman with the
presence of a queen and the mouth of a
gangster who entices men to follow her
lead and step up to Dewar’s.
Delivered with a wink and a smile,
the TV ads also have a parallel print cam-
paign in which stunning images of For-
lani are presented with signature words
of wisdom, such as “Speed is often the
enemy of true pleasure.”
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