Such is the state of point-of-sale
(POS) marketing in the digital era. You'll
still find plenty of shelf-talkers, table
talkers and bottle neckers—maybe even
more than ever—but both retailers and
marketers are realizing not everyone
is swayed by a random “92.” These
days, video displays, large-scale themes
and interactive opportunities are more
common in sprawling retail venues than
vineyard maps or posters. At the same
time, small shops find access to branded
shelf talkers a mouse-click away. And
increased diversity in retail and on-site
venues—from the aforementioned mega-
stores to dog-friendly artisanal salons—
means that the traditional flow of printed
collateral from supplier to distributor to
shelves must be re-thought.
Hi- vs. Lo-Tech =
New vs. Old School
The Malibu Red campaign “dresses
up” traditional elements, like stand-ups
and sweepstakes, and draws consumers
deeper into the branded experience with
multi-media offerings (Ne-Yo’s custom
single “Burnin’ Up” was written specifi-
cally for the liquor). Some locations have
in-store digital projection that allow
smartphone interaction; and bars feature
touchscreen games.
Malibu isn’t the only brand touting
hi-tech POS collateral off-premise. For
the holiday season, Bacardi launched a
themed pole topper display featuring an
LED screen video of a bartender crafting
cocktails. The company also promoted its
year-old Oakheart iteration last fall via a
barrel display invoking the barrel-aging
technique used on the product. And their
current “Get Some Game” campaign
ties Bacardi in to the current NBA sea-
ack in the day, we did cardboard, and that was great,” says Josh
Hayes, senior brand manager of Pernod Ricard’s recently launched
Malibu Red. The rum-tequila blend is designed to expand the
Malibu brand name into the social nightlife scene. “Certainly we
still do cardboard, but it has to come to life. If you're not engaging your
customer online before, during and after the store, then you don't have a
good program.”
About 1,000 retail accounts throughout the U.S. are
featuring the co-branded Bacardi/NBA backboard
seen in this computer rendering; each includes a
display case housing a basketball signed by one of
17 league legends.
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As the market grows and the shopping experience evolves,
so do wine and spirits
by robert haynes-peterson
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