hat do Clive Owen and
Three Olives Vodka have
in common? They are both
British, sophisticated and
incredibly popular. Which is why the
Oscar-nominated actor makes an ideal
fit as the centerpiece of the new Three
Olives ad campaign.
“Clive Owen has an incredible
presence and perfectly represents
the refined aesthetic associated with
the fastest-growing imported super-
premium vodka brand in the U.S.,” says
a spokesperson for Proximo, the brand’s
U.S. importer.
Best known from his performances
in award-winning films such as
of Men
Sin City
The International
, as
well as considerable stage and television
work, Owen gained notoriety in the U.S.
when he co-starred with Julia Roberts in
. He also played opposite Cate
Blanchett in
Elizabeth: The Golden
; alongside Denzel Washington
and Jodie Foster in the Spike Lee
crime thriller
Inside Man
; and
held the lead role in the Spanish
Shot in London by renowned
photographer Norman Jean Roy
and created by the Brooklyn-
based Dead As We Know It ad
agency, the campaign features
atmospheric images of Clive Owen
at various locations throughout
London. The campaign will run
internationally in newspapers,
magazines, out of home and digital.
And yes, Three Olives is spending an
aggressive $20 million to promote it—
this is the largest advertising spend in
the brand’s history.
Big Push in a Big Market
While it might seem overkill to spend
so heavily against a brand that already
posts impressive growth—since Proximo
acquired Three Olives Vodka in 2007
the brand has grown tremendously
each year—Proximo’s spokesperson
says the nature of the category demands
it: “The vodka category is absolutely
one of the most competitive categories
in media advertising in the U.S. It
is critical for Three Olives Vodka
to launch a campaign that is
memorable and communicates the
right brand message to existing and
new consumers. We’ve developed
this campaign to set us apart from
the competition.”
Unlike many vodka brands
that seem devoid of meaningful
origin, Three Olives is proud of
its English heritage, and the cam-
paign—identifying the product as
The London Vodka—is intended
to further capitalize on its roots.
The brand was created in 1998, inspired
by the classic vodka martini, garnished
with three olives. Three Olives Vodka is
quadruple-distilled from English Winter
Wheat. It is also nut-free, lactose-free
and vegan, and has been processed to
remove gluten.
The campaign starring Clive Owen
is rich in London imagery and exudes
a sense of sophisitication, with Owen
appearing out on the town, at night,
with glimpses of iconic London sights
including the British flag, taxis, phone
booths and, of course, the Palace of
Westminster, which houses British
Parliament and the Big Ben clocktower.
Flavors are an important part of
Three Olives growth—the brand has
released 21 distinct flavor extensions to
date with more on the way—the “classic”
vodka remains the largest in volume,
the fastest growing and the focus of
the new campaign. Proximo’s goal is to
attract attention to the sleek packaging
redesign—marked by narrowly ribbed
glass from base to shoulder—while
emphasizing the “super-premium-ness”
and ultra-smooth taste profile that has
made Three Olives so popular with its
target demographic—men and women
age 25-40.
Three Olives Spends Big
The Country’s Fast-Growing Vodka Brand
Unveils a $20 Million Ad Campaign
By kriSTen Bieler
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