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Marketing Agents Seeking to Sell Wine
Online Get a Hearing at the NYSLA
By ian griffith
he State Liquor Authority of New
York (NYSLA) is preparing a new
set of guidelines that could have
national implications for how wine is
sold online. As a price-posting state,
New York has strict laws about three-
tier compliance, and given the size of
the state’s wine market, most market-
ers will build their business models
with these rules in mind.
There are several marketing agents
that actively promote wine to con-
sumers including the
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
wine clubs, the
flash sale site Lot 18 and, most recent-
ly, Until a little over a
year ago, marketing agents operated
in an uncertain space, but an advisory
from the California ABC in Novem-
ber 2011 changed this. The Golden
State clearly saw that its wine industry
would benefit from having more mar-
keters promoting their products and
opened the door for marketers to be
more direct in their pursuit of consum-
ers. For the first time it was clear that
credit cards payments could be collect-
ed by the unlicensed agent, even while
control of the disbursement of goods
must stay under the control of a retail
license. This was significant in that it
gave marketers a green light to put a
shopping cart on their website and col-
lect payment directly.
A special NYSLA meeting was
convened in January in response to
a request from ShipComplaint who
were seeking validation of their mar-
ketplace platform. It turned out the
NYSLA had been conducting its own
investigations into the activities of
ShipCompliant’s licensed business
partners and was using this opportu-
nity to address the wider issue of unli-
censed agents participating in and be-
ing compensated for the sale of alcohol.
Two of those licensed partners, Lot 18
and the wholesaler MHW, faced some
tough questions about contract lan-
guage that specified compensation for
the retailer and wholesaler, and the
price posting of duplicate items. The
resulting discussion identified some
principles the NYSLA considers im-
portant, and Chairman Dennis Rosen
made the point that the model itself
may be sound, but it depends on how
the business partners are using it. Was
ShipCompliant driving a taxi or a get-
away car?
Among Rosen’s concerns were that
the retailer needs to exercise control
over the transaction, and be exposed
to risk. The wholesaler cannot avoid
duplicating the brand registrations
of other wholesalers in the state by
“stickering” products so they become
eligible for a new label approval code
(COLA) and a separate registration. It
was pointed out that the retailer may
be able to purchase the same prod-
uct from a different wholesaler at a
different price.
After what was quite a dramatic
hearing, the publication of the NYS-
LA’s guidelines are eagerly anticipated.
Amazon announced in January the
construction of a 1 million square foot
warehouse and fulfillment facility in
NewJersey andhad legal representation
at the hearing. As a marketing agent,
Amazon could present a competitive
threat for independent retailers. Ei-
ther way, the NYSLA was clear that it
does not intend to stand in the way of
internet sales.
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864-1677. Follow us on twitter at
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