April 2013
Marilyn Monroe
a Vodka of Her own
Marilyn Monroe’s enduring status
as one of the Hollywood's cultural
icons has long enjoyed a presence
in wine via the fortuitously named
Marilyn Merlot. Now she’s getting
a vodka, too. Three Olives, in
collaboration with the starlet’s
estate, is launching
Three Olives
Marilyn Monroe Strawberry
, featuring the tempting taste
of strawberries and a hint of cream.
The flavor is symbolic of Marilyn's
sweet, flirty, luscious and sultry
personality. 70 proof;
SRP $21.
Jim Beam scares Up
‘Jacob’s Ghost’
Jim Beam has launched
, a new white whiskey that
celebrates the “spirit” of founding
distiller Jacob Beam by perfecting the
white whiskey he first made more than
two centuries ago. Aged for a year
in white oak barrels, Jacob’s Ghost
elicits the wood-influenced flavors and
hues of a bourbon but offers a lighter
body and more adaptable character.
Ideal for whiskey cocktails; mixed
drinks that typically feature vodka,
tequila or rum; or for white spirits
aficionados who want to try
something new. In a recent study,
Jacob’s Ghost was the highest-
performing whiskey concept ever
tested by Jim Beam. 80 proof;
SRP $21.99.
dream tonics for mixoloGists?
Ingredients of intensity, complexity and balance are the mixologist’s “tools
de force”, and now the tool box just got more potent with the debut of
, a
line of non-alcoholic “herbal martinis” featuring exotic combinations of fruits,
vegetables, teas, flowers and spices. Sporting evocative names—Aphrodisiac,
Bliss, Chi, Chill and Restore—these potent liquids look may like just another
lineup of tutti-frutti juices, but with all-natural ingredients ranging from lavender
to saffron to hyssop to shiso, they pack a savory punch.
While they can stand alone as sophisticated, alcohol-free adult beverages,
what makes them stand out is their tonic-like character—ideal for mixing with
vodka, gin, whiskey, rum and more. Altar recently kicked off in Chicago, Atlanta
and Boston, with availability in all major U.S. markets being targeted by June.
In Atlanta, the cocktail list at James Beard-nominated restaurant Cardamom Hill
includes and Altar’d Chai (Altar Aphrodisiac, Cognac, chai) and a Blissful Dry
Martini (vodka, Altar Bliss, dry vermouth). Thanks to their intensity, Altar’s five
expressions are cost-efficient as well, with a 1 oz. dose adding a dozen or more
exotic elements to a drink for only about 50 cents.
Gone for decades,
Michter’s sour Mash
is Back
During the 1970s and ’80s,
Michter's Original Sour Mash
the brand’s best-selling whiskey
type. But it disappeared from the
marketplace in 1989 when the
distillery, which dated back to
1753, went bankrupt. Since its
revival in the 1990s, Michter’s has
focused on small-batch bourbon
and rye—and now they have
resurrected the sour mash, which
begins like a rich, sweet bourbon
on the palate, but finishes with the
dry spice notes of a rye. 86 proof;
SRP $44.
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