April 2013
Spain’S next Frontier?
America’s comfort zone for wines from Spain has expanded considerably
in recent years. The next breakout region could be
, where the
signature Monastrell grape (known as Mourvèdre in France) is capable of
making refreshing rosés as well as reds that range from ripe and ready to
big and strapping (and even fortified-sweet).
Bodegas Bleda
, family-owned
and founded in 1915, appears poised to lead the way, with an ultra-modern
facility and portfolio that overdelivers in quality based on price. Of special
note: Bleda's generous Castillo de Jumilla Crianza (SRP $16), powerful old-
vine “Divus” ($36) and a
($12) that could just about stop traffic.
roadhousewine.com | bodegasbleda.es/en
Yellow Tail
HopS on trendS
Leaders don’t stay on top by sitting pat. So it should come as little surprise that
Yellow Tail
has tapped into not one but three current trends with recent launches.
Sweet White Roo
is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes.
Big Bold Red
takes aim at the super-hot category of red blends—but at a more
modest price point than most recent entries. Finally,
Pink Moscato
, with bright
strawberry and floral notes, saw a limited release in February and will roll nationwide
in August. Following the successful debuts of Yellow Tail Moscato (2011) and Sweet
Red Roo (2012),
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
has high hopes for the new trio.
SRP $7.99/750ml | $12.99/1.5
deutschfamily.com | yellowtailwine.com
‘o’ wines
Go national
O Wines
of Woodinville, WA, will be available nationwide for the
first time starting in April with the release of a 2011 Columbia
Valley Chardonnay (SRP $14) and 2010 red blend of Merlot,
Cabernet and Syrah ($16). The brand was founded in 2006 by
Stacy Lill and Kathy Johanson with a
mission to fund scholarships for low-
income young women.
Ste. Michelle
Wines Estates
acquired O Wines in
September 2012 with a desire to grow
the brand nationally and raise more
money for the O Wines Opportunity
for Success Scholarship Fund.
The brand has raised $125,000
and funded more than 40 student
scholarships in four years. Most
of the recipients were the first
members of their families to attend
Blends &
expandS witH Cool paCkaGinG
means benchmark in Italian, but in the case of this line
developed and imported by
, the wines are mold-busters as
well. Now complementing the initial releases of Pinot Grigio, Prosecco,
Moscato and Chianti are three new $15.99-SRP bubblies: Sweet Moscato
(7% ABV, 90 g/L residual sugar); Sweet Pink Merlot Moscato (9.5%,
75 g/L); and Sweet Red Sparkling (Malvasia Nera & Merlot; 9.5%, 75
g/L). With colorful packaging and flavor profiles that refresh even while
delivering ample sweet fruit, they are built for warm weather fun and
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