Scott Blazek,
Senior VP
of Sales
Execution at the granular level—where
bartenders and servers suggest a brand or
retailers are happy to install stacked-case
displays—requires coordinated, ongoing
teamwork at all three tiers. Brand vision is
only the starting point. To move that vision
down the chain, a supplier needs concrete
promotional programs that not only gener-
ate excitement with distributors, but also
make sense to a range of end-sellers, from
independent merchants and bar owners to
and chain buyers and restaurateurs. And it
takes a team of field representatives to the
regional heads who are seamlessly synched
with Heineken USA’s senior managers
headquartered in White Plains, NY.
In fact, it is this one-two punch of
creativity and detailed follow-through that
has driven Heineken USA to an impressive
turnaround. Heineken Lager is back in
black and its collective 2012 sales grew by
more than 4.4% year over year, according
to results announced by Senior VP of
Sales Scott Blazek to great applause at the
start of Heineken USA’s 2013 National
Distributors Conference (NDC) held
recently in Phoenix.
During the NDC opening evening re-
ception, some 1,500 distributor partners
Heineken USA Ramps Up for 2013
Innovation & Acceleration Key at
National Distributors Conference in Phoenix
By david lincoln ross
hen a barkeep chirps, “How about a Heineken?” in response to a
customer asking what’s on tap, or when a beer shopper has cause
to pause at an eye-catching Dos Equis display, make no doubt that
plenty of strategy and legwork preceded those moments of decision.
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