with both trade and consumer media, and
imagining new ways to effectively engage
consumers who have an affinity with one or
more Heineken brand.
To break through the advertising clut-
ter in virtually any medium, Lysyj sees her
team’s primary work as a task to figure
out every opportunity where the company
should “zig, while everyone else zags.” In
delivering a brand-by-brand rundown of
HUSA’s approach to those three chal-
lenges, Lysyj described a wide array of ini-
tiatives—spanning TV, radio, print, digital,
outdoor and other media.
All Things Digital
One of the most startling insights Lysyj
shared with distributor partners was the
forecast that by 2020, only 10% of viewers
will be accessing television broadcasts
via conventional cable; the balance
will be via digital devices. In turn, Lysyj
explained how Heineken USA has been
investing aggressively in social media
outreach, smart phone applications and
digital advertising. She outlined 2013
plans for strong marketing investments
for the company’s three priority brands—
Heineken, Dos Equis and Strongbow
Hard Cider—via electronic and print
media, with “ads that stand out!”
Heineken’s 2013 television ads will
add the next chapters to the successful
Heineken Legends campaign, in an ad-
venturous series of 30-, 60- and 90-second
commercials, further supported via on-
and off-premise executions. Lysyj and her
Heineken USA colleagues also discussed
separate and well-funded campaign plans
for Heineken Light and Amstel Light.
Matt Kahn, VP of Heineken USA port-
folio brands, reported that the Dos Equis
brand grew 20% in 2012, which generated
a huge applause. Kahn said even greater
marketing investments are planned for
2013—including more TV support
than ever before and new
event-related appearances by
“The Most Interesting Man
In The World”—all to “ac-
celerate” the brand’s tor-
rid growth.
bow Hard Cider, Lysyj
vowed that Heineken
USA would ramp up its
account penetration ef-
forts in both on- and off-premise arenas.
Adding the right consumer element to
this momentous effort, Lysyj promised re-
cord levels of sampling opportunities for
consumers via Stongbow-themed events
at cooperating accounts. And to get the
word out, thanks to Heineken’s leading
edge social media capabilities (Heineken
brand has more Facebook followers than
any other beer brand), there was great
optimism that by working together with
its distributor partners, Heineken USA
could make hard cider sales history in 2013
with Strongbow.
Wrapping up, Scott Blazek returned
to the stage to emphasize Heineken USA’s
longstanding commitment to “flawless
execution” in the field. He explained
that today Heineken USA is benefiting as
never before because the managers at the
company’s headquarters and distributor
partners are all on one page in terms of
marketing, advertising, merchandising and
Empowered by its 4% share of
the U.S. beer market, Blazek
promised that HeinekenUSA
would maintain and enhance
its ability, as he thundered to
a close, “to Align, to Adapt,
and to be the Thought
Leader” in the 2013 U.S.
beer business.
Chief Marketing Officer Lesya
Lysyj described an array of
creative marketing initiatives,
spanning TV, radio, print, digital,
outdoor and other media.
Heineken brand
has more Facebook
followers than
any other
beer brand.
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