Mixing with
Tequila Avión’s
New Espresso
By kristen bieler
on call
The General
NYC’s Lower East
Side restaurant
with Colin Maxwell
and one of his
cocktail creations,
Stealth Bomber.
he last person who ever imagined Tequila
Avión would produce a flavored tequila is
Jenna Fagnan, the company’s president.
“We never thought about flavors because
we are tequila purists—it’s all about the agave.”
But then Fagnan and her team started
noticing the number of people doing a shot
of espresso and a shot of Avión together.
And accounts across the country started
asking when they were coming out with a
coffee flavor. And then founder Ken Austin
started playing around at the distillery in
Mexico with Italian espresso and Avión
Silver with delicious results. And Avión
Espresso was born.
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