Svedka Vodka’s
Flavor Palette Grows
Orange Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada
Debut Just in Time for Spring
By kristen bieler
odka brands don’t join the ranks
of the fastest-growing top-10 spirits
in the country by sitting on their
laurels. Relentless innovation and
consumer insight is what makes Svedka a
category leader—as well as the second larg-
est imported vodka brand in the U.S.
Joining Svedka’s robust flavor portfo-
lio this April—which already includes Cola-
da, Citron, Clementine Raspberry, Cherry,
Vanilla and Grape—will be Orange Cream
Pop and Strawberry Colada, each 35% al-
cohol by volume (70 proof).
“Based on our research, both flavor
profiles resonate strongly with our target
consumer and set Svedka apart from the
highly fragmented flavor segment,” says
Diana Pawlik, vice president of marketing
for Svedka.
“Svedka Orange Cream Pop is a nos-
talgic and mouthwatering blend of juicy
orange and icy vanilla cream flavors,” says
Pawlik. The packaging reflects these flavors
with shimmering orange and white gradi-
ent ombré graphics. Pawlik suggests that
Svedka Orange Cream Pop can be enjoyed
on the rocks, blended with ice as a frozen
slushy, or in delectable signature cocktails
(see sidebar).
Launching on the heels of Colada—
Svedka’s most successful flavor to date—
Strawberry Colada is a blend of strawberry,
coconut and pineapple. “The tropical fla-
vor segment across all categories has proven
to be enduring and engaging to consumers
year round,” says Pawlik. “Whether it be
body and bath products, confection or
beverages, there is an appetite for the sen-
sation of ‘escape’ that this profile evokes.”
Its package, too, aims to communicate the
flavor profile, with a sleek white lacquered
bottle, a metallic gold band and fuschia
pink flavor callouts.
While Svedka’s original vodka leads the
brand in terms of growth (among its many
awards, the Swedish vodka has received
three Gold Medals in the San Francisco
World Spirits Competition), flavor exten-
sions provide the excitement and energy
which keeps Svedka so strong among its tar-
get demographic, consumers age 25 to 34.
“Our new flavors are paving a road of their
own in terms of differentiating while achiev-
ing a balance between novelty and mass
consumer appeal,” says Pawlik. And they
offer bartenders new creative opportunities
as well: “Strawberry Colada and Orange
CreamPop empower bartenders to flex their
creative muscles by introducing complex
yet versatile flavors. They lend themselves
well to many drinks—shots, martinis, frozen
or novelty.”
Orange Cream Pop Dream
1 part
Svedka Orange Cream Pop
1 part
Orange Juice
1 Scoop
Vanilla Ice Cream
½ cup
Add all ingredients in a
blender, saving ½ cup
crushed ice for last. Blend
at high speed for 5-10 sec-
onds or until smooth. Pour
into hurricane/pilsner glass.
Garnish with an orange slice.
2 parts
Svedka Strawberry Colada
1 part
Soda Water
Splash of fresh Pineapple Juice
Pour all ingredients over
fresh ice in a tall glass
and garnish with fresh
berries in season.
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