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Pike Creek
Whisky is a one-of-a kind small batCh, siPPing Whisky
Crafted by the elements of its environment. matured in Warehouses
in Pike Creek, ontario, Canada, this distinCtive Whisky is influenCed
by nature and Crafted by the elements of its birthPlaCe.
hisky relies on nature as a key ingredient in its quality
and craft. From the barrels it’s aged in to the air and
environment that surrounds it, all of these qualities
contribute to the character of a fine, handcrafted whisky.
Wood is the most essential element in the creation of Pike Creeks’
unique formula. The whisky is first aged in the American Oak
which imparts vanilla, caramel and toffee notes to the liquid.
It is then finished for a short period in vintage port barrels that
round it out and give it a fruity flavor. The result is a whisky that is
extraordinarily full and robust in body, offering a complex nose of
dried fruits with underlying peppery spice and subtle toffee notes.
In warehouses located in Pike Creek Ontario, the barrels sit beside
a creek of its namesake in a non-climate controlled environment.
With no electricity, the oft-erratic Canadian climate plays a key role
in the whisky’s maturation. The natural and dramatic swings in
temperature maximize the interaction of the whisky and the wood.
The contraction of the barrels during the cold winter months and
their expansion during the summer adds character, complexity and
concentrated flavors to the whisky.
Hand-crafted with a satin-etch glass painting and a full wrap
around antique finish label, Pike Creek is bottled in an intricate
package, designed to match the unique character of the whisky.
The distinct bottle is created using the highest quality glass with a
port bottle punt and is capped using an all natural cork and soft-
matte black capsule. The neck of the bottle is complimented by a
natural rope tied in a miller’s knot, which is carefully hand applied
to each bottle of Pike Creek.
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