premium small batch whisky.
Please drink resPonsibly.
PIKE CREEK® CanadIan WhIsKy. 40% alC./Vol. (80 PRoof). PRoduCt of Canada.
©2013 ImPoRtEd by PERnod RICaRd usa, PuRChasE, ny.
¹ nIElsEn XaoC + lIquoR – Wa food, 52 WEEKs EndIng 12/22/12 ² PRoPRIEtaRy thIRd PaRty REsEaRCh. dIstIllERy InC., JunE 2012
by the
category growth
• Growth accelerating within premium craft whiskies¹
• Small batch bourbon +16%
consumer trends
• Small batch whisky drinkers are seeking interesting, new, unique brands²
• Increase your profits as your customers are trading up to premium
handcrafted whiskies
introducing pike creek
a small
batch whisky from the north
matured in american oak then
finished in port barrels
crafted by the elements
Our aging process is strongly influenced by dramatic swings in the local
climate. These swings maximize interaction between whisky and wood.
The barrels contract in the harsh Northern winter and expand in the sultry
summer. The result is a distinctive whisky with smooth, exceptional flavor.
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