April 2013
After tasting countless components,
the duo arrived at a blend of aged stocks
drawn from Muscatel, Madeira and Port
wine casks. Bottled at 88 proof, The Dal-
more Selected by Daniel Boulud is full-
bodied and rich, with caramelized orange
peel, toasted hazelnuts and butterscotch
on the palate—a perfect partner for bit-
ter chocolate and his personal favorite,
crème brûlée. Available currently in Chef
Daniel’s seven restaurants, the expression
may see wider distribution next year.
The Peligroso Tequila port-
folio is growing—and getting
spicy—with the launch
of Peligroso Cinnamon,
which the firm claims is
the world’s first 84 proof
cinnamon-flavored tequila.
Made with 100% Weber
blue agave, Peligroso Cin-
namon is warm and savory,
with spicy aromas and some
sweet heat leading into the finish. “We
recognized a demand for something new
in our rapidly growing category,” said
Keith Ross, Peligroso Tequila’s president
and CEO. “When we discovered the com-
plex flavor that resulted as we infused cin-
namon with our tequila, we knew we had
something exceptional on our hands.”
The new spirit can be enjoyed—at
room temperature or chilled—as a shot,
sipped, or mixed in a cocktail. Peligroso
Cinnamon launched in March in key
markets across the country. Additionally,
Peligroso announced a partnership
with two of the nation’s largest spirits
distributors, Southern Wine & Spirits of
America, Inc., and Republic National
Distributing Company.
Expanding its portfolio of infused vod-
kas made with natural ingredients, Skyy
Vodka has introduced new Skyy Infusions
Moscato Grape, the first-ever Moscato
grape infused vodka on the
market. The popularity of
Moscato wine is explod-
ing in the U.S.; according
to Nielsen, Moscato sales
grew 73% in 2012, the larg-
est gain of any varietal
wine. The new spirit aims
to attract both Moscato-
loving consumers and bar-
tenders interested in crafting
sophisticated cocktails.
Skyy Vodka was introduced in 1992.
Skyy Infusions, first released in 2008,
already includes Wild Strawberry, Co-
conut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange,
Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Cit-
rus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit. SKYY
Infusions Moscato Grape will be avail-
able in 50ml ($1.99), 375 ml ($10.49),
750ml ($18.49), 1L ($23.49) and 1.75L
($26.99). The launch will be supported
by a fully integrated marketing campaign
featuring advertising, social media activi-
ties, and on-/off-premise promotions.
Tapping into popularity of barrel-strength
and high-proof bourbons, Heaven Hill
Distilleries—the nation’s largest family-
owned and operated independent spirits
producer—has announced the release of
a special bottling of Elijah Craig Barrel
Proof Small Batch Kentucky Straight
Bourbon Whiskey.
The proof of the initial release will
be 134.2, or 67.1% alcohol/volume. This
bottling was not chill-filtered, preserving
the natural esters and taste components
from the barrel and giving the bourbon
a particularly rich flavor and
The new release will be
offered in the traditional
distinctive Elijah Craig
flask-style 750ml bottle,
with the familiar oversize
cork stopper and Elijah
Craig signature blown
into the front of the glass.
The new Elijah Craig
expression began shipping in nationwide
in March, although quantities are limited.
The SRP of $39.99 represents real value
for a 12-year-old, barrel-proof bourbon.
The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Small
Batch continues the lineage of high-
demand, limited-production American
whiskey releases from Heaven Hill
Master distillers Parker and Craig Beam.
Examples from2012 include the 6
“Master Distiller’s Blend of Mashbills”
Parker’s Heritage Collection; Larceny
Wheated Bourbon; and the just-released
2003 vintage of Evan Williams Single
Barrel Vintage.
Cachaça is the third most-consumed
spirit in the world and the first spirit of
the Americas. Unlike most rums which
are made from molasses, Cachaça (pro-
nounced ka-SHA-sa) can only be made
from fresh sugarcane juice immediately
pressed, fermented and single-distilled.
And can only be made in Brazil.
Although the spirit’s roots can be
traced back to 1532, it was just this past
February that the U.S. Alcohol and To-
bacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) an-
nounced legal recognition of Cachaça as
a official product of Brazil. Effective April
, Cachaça need no longer be labeled
“Brazilian Rum.” As fans and mixologists
are quick to point out, Cachaça has a fresh-
er, fruitier flavor character than rum.
Perhaps no one is more excited
about the new legal distinction than
Steve Luttmann, founder of Leblon
Cachaça, which is available in all 50
states. Leblon had led efforts through
social media and nightlife events, col-
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