Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
is doubling down on sangria—as
well as hoping to elevate the cat-
egory. On the heels of announc-
ing the launch of Yellow tail
Sangria last month, the compa-
ny has acquired Eppa SuperFruit
Sangria, the world’s first premium sangria
made with organic grapes and superfruit
juices. “Sweet wine brands are nearing
the saturation point in terms of offerings,
and we believe the next big thing in wine
is premium sangria. It's the obvious next
step,” said CEO Peter Deutsch.
Eppa (SRP $11.99) is crafted in Men-
docino, from certified organically-grown
grapes and a blend of organic superfruit
juices including pomegranate, blueberry,
blood orange and acai. It has two times
the antioxidants compared to a glass of
red wine.
With the launch of Helles Golden Lager,
its ninth canned beer, Sly Fox Brewing Co.
of Pottstown, PA, becomes the first brewery
in North America to utilize the innovative
360 End beverage can technology devel-
oped by Crown Holdings, Inc. The entire
lid of the can is removable, turning it into
a drinking vessel and eliminating the need
for separate glassware. “This technology al-
lows the full flavor and aroma of the beer
to hit the drinker’s senses and makes the
can an even more appealing package for
outdoor activities and situations where you
want to be able to move around and sip
your beer easily,” said head brewer Brian
O’Reilly. Sly Founded in 1995, Fox was an
early adopter of craft beer in cans, begin-
ning in 2006.
James L. Barrett,
of Napa’s historic
Chateau Montelena,
passed away in
March. He was
86. After service in
the U.S. Navy as a
submariner, Barrett
founded a success-
ful law firm in Los Angeles, where he was
senior partner for over 20 years. In 1972,
upon discovering an empty stone chateau
and dilapidated vineyards at the northern
end of Napa Valley, the “incurable roman-
tic” and his family purchased Chateau
Montelena Winery and replanted most of the
original vineyards to Cabernet Sauvignon
and completely refurbished the winery. In
1976, the winery skyrocketed to the fore-
front of world-class winemaking when its
1973 Chardonnay topped all other entries
at the famous “Paris Tasting.” In 1982, Jim
Barrett turned over winemaker duties to his
son Bo Barrett. Up until his death, though,
he remained actively involved. Memorial
contributions may be made to the Jim
Barrett Memorial Fund at the Napa Valley
Community Foundation.
Jim Barrett
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