©2013 Mackinlay’s is a registered trademark of Whyte & Mackay Limited. Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky 47.3% Alc./Vol. (94.6 Proof.) Imported by Whyte & Mackay Americas, North Miami, FL. Always drink in moderation.
A legendary journey
In 1907 Ernest Shackleton and themenof
theNimrod expedition return home after
their 18month heroic attempt to reach the
South Pole, leaving three unopened crates
of original Mackinlay’s RareOldHighland
Malt Whisky buried beneath the ice.
Ameticulous recreation
Discovered over a century later by the
NewZealand Antarctic Heritage Trust and
returned to Scotland, this long-lost scotch
whiskey has beenmeticulously recreated
so that the taste of 1907 is here oncemore
to discover.
The perfect thank you this Father’s Day
In a replica bottle andwithmaps,
letters, photos andmore to bring the
story of Shackleton’s expedition to life,
MacKinlay’s Shackleton “The Journey”
is the perfect Father’s Day gift.
Available for order now.
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