ure it may be mixing musical meta-
phors to reach for Carly Simon’s
familiar phrases “nobody does it
better” and “baby, you’re the best” when
describing the almost indescribably icon-
ic Rolling Stones, but these London lads
are icons because distilling the essence
of their talent into something easily rec-
ognizable and enjoyable is how they put
themselves on the map. And stayed there.
For 50 years.
An equally iconic and enjoyable
presence on bar, liquor and grocery store
shelves is the hallmark of another well
known (though slightly younger) brand:
Crystal Head Vodka. Like the unmistak-
able sound of The Rolling Stones, Crys-
tal Head stands out from the crowd. Its
uniquely skull-shaped bottle holds award
winning, additive free, super premium
vodka that uses the highest quality grains
and the deep glacial aquifer water of New-
foundland, Canada. 
Brand co-founder, Dan Aykroyd, is
deeply proud of the recent accolades the
brand has won at the 15th International
Tasting Contest at the 2013 PRODEXPO
Exhibition, in Moscow, Russia (Gold Med-
al for Excellent Taste) and at the World
Spirits Competition (Double Gold Medal).
The Exhibition, which took place from Feb-
ruary 11 to 15, is the largest food exhibition
in Eastern Europe and hosts the most pres-
tigious tasting competition. There were 198
companies, representing beverages from
more than 22 countries that took part in
this year’s tasting contest. Crystal Head was
one of the entries amongst over 400 other
vodkas that were reviewed by a panel of 11
judges recognized as the best tasters of wines
and spirits in Russia. 
Aykroyd, states, “Crystal Head Gold
Medal—best tasting vodka in Moscow
contest—a significant honor.  Like win-
ning best sushi in Japan!  If Russians do
not know their vodka, who does?!”  He
continues, “Winning the Gold Medal
competing against 198 companies and
over 400 vodkas is very gratifying. We
like to say that the beautiful and unique
package draws you to the brand and the
taste brings you back.”
Whether returning to purchase the
vodka that they love happens on or off-
premise, Crystal Head Vodka drinkers are
happy to spend the night together with
friends, sharing their love for this super
premium vodka that is quadruple distilled
and filtered seven times.  Three of the fil-
trations are through semi-precious crystals
known as Herkimer diamonds. 
Though The Rolling Stones are just
a couple of decades shy of their Diamond
Anniversary year, this 50th anniversary
was the perfect opportunity for Crystal
Head Vodka to join forces with The
Rolling Stones to create an exclusive,
limited edition Rolling Stones 50th An-
niversary Gift Set. This zippered, hand-
crafted, one of a kind display case gently
cradles a 750ml bottle of Crystal Head
Vodka with crystal decanter top show-
casing the Stones’ logo.  Tucked into
the package, which, for any real Stones
fan, is easily recognized as a tribute to
the Sticky Fingers album, is a double CD
with live Rolling Stones tracks exclusive
to Crystal Head Vodka in honor of their
role as the official and exclusive vodka
of the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary.
Aykroyd concludes, “It is a huge honor
and recognition of our high quality prod-
uct to have Crystal Head designated as the
officially authorized vodka for the Roll-
ing Stones 50th Anniversary Worldwide
celebration.  Together with Bravado, the
band’s licensing company, we have created
the ultimate gift package for Stones fans
and their families.” Fans of Crystal Head
Vodka and The Rolling Stones are bound
to have hours of satisfaction thanks to this
exclusive relationship.
Dan Aykroyd
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