ewar’s drinkers are accustomed
to a range of expressions—from
the iconic Dewar’s White Label
(the #1 selling premium blended
Scotch in the United States) to the 12-
Year Old, 18-Year Old and Signature—but
now they have a new one to choose from:
Dewar’s Highlander Honey, rolling out
this spring.
“Dewar’s Highlander Honey brings
delectable sweetness with a pleasing bite,”
says Stephanie Macleod, Dewar’s Master
Blender, and it’s the first offering in the
new Dewar’s Highlander range of expres-
sions infused with natural flavors and lo-
cal Scottish ingredients. “We’re thrilled to
showcase how the infusion of local Scot-
tish Scottish honey builds on the already
present honey notes found in the base
blend of Dewar’s White Label” she notes.
A Pioneer of Innovation
Dewar’s might be one of the world’s most
historic whisky brands, founded in 1846 by
John Dewar, but it has never been bound
by tradition. “Highlander Honey is ground-
ed in Dewar’s commitment to driving new
possibilities within the spirits industry,”
explains Macleod. “Dewar’s was one of
the first distilleries to double-barrel age,
also known as marrying, its Scotch whisky
blends.” Originated by Dewar’s Master
Blender in 1899, this process involves plac-
ing newly created blends back into
vintage oak casks for a second
period of maturation, which re-
sults in a smoother taste profile
and greater depth of character.
Not Just Another Flavor
Highlander Honey is made by an
infusion of Scottish honey into
the Dewar’s White Label. “By us-
ing Dewar’s White Label as the core for
Highlander Honey, the infusion process
builds on the already present honey aro-
mas found in the blend and creates an
exceptionally well-rounded and harmoni-
ous taste profile,” says Macleod. The result
is a spirit that showcases pure honeyed
notes, “but still retains the treasured char-
acteristics of the original blend, which is re-
nowned for its complex taste profile and its
unparalleled smoothness,” says Macleod.
Another interesting point of difference
is the ABV: By infusing honey directly into
Dewar’s White Label, then filtering this
through oak cask wood chips, Highlander
Honey maintains the desired 40% ABV.
Local Flavor
“Knowing that the composition and taste
of honey is terroir-driven, we sourced lo-
cal bees,” says Macleod. “Using Scottish
honey gives Highlander Honey a smooth-
er, buttery composition that is unique to
Scotland—and since the honey is harvested
exclusively for our distillery, the taste is
unique to Dewar’s as well.” (The honey
is actually harvested by a stillman at the
distillery, who practices beekeeping as
a hobby.)
Target: ‘The
Drinking Man’
While many fla-
vored whiskies aim
to attract a new
non-whisky drinkers and
Honey was developed with the core
Dewar’s consumer in mind: “The
Drinking Man,” a term Dewar’s coined
for their 2012 campaign to categorize
the 25-29-year-old modern man who is
ready to step up to brown spirits. In 2012,
Dewar’s launched a new advertising cam-
paign called “The Drinking Man’s Scotch,”
which uses an alluring and mysterious
Scottish woman to deliver advice on living
life and on drinking Scotch.
To Mix, or Not to Mix?
Given her choice, Macleod sips Highland-
er Honey on the rocks—“it really opens up
the fantastic Scottish honey notes of the
blend”—but she also recommends it chilled
on its own or as a shot, as well as in cock-
tails. “I’ve been enjoying it with cola, which
is an extremely refreshing and balanced
drink, with the perfect amount of honey
sweetness and just the right touch of bite
on the finish,” she says.
Highlander Honey is just the first in
Dewar’s new range of Highlander products
that will include unique expressions of
Dewar’s White Label whisky infused with
traditional and indigenous Scottish ingre-
dients. “Consumers are turning to brown
spirits for their fullness of flavor and the
rich taste they deliver,”Macleod shares. The
Highlander range will provide them with
new tastes as well as the quality assurance
of the Dewar’s name. Dewar’s Highlander
Honey will be available nationwide in April
with a suggested retail price of $23.99 per
750ml bottle.
Little Bit of Honey
Dewar’s Unveils its Much-Anticipated Highlander Honey
3 part cola,
1 part Dewar’s
Highlander Honey
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