May 2013
Big #s
in the Big Apple
The Manhattan Cocktail Classic kicks
off this year on May 17
. Since the
inaugural event in 2009, attendance has
grown 662%, with cumulative attendees
topping 12,500. About two-thirds are
from the NYC tri-state area; 4% are from
outside the U.S. A total of 159 New
York City bars and restaurants have
participated in the festival, creating work
opportunities for over 2,000 bartenders.
Cumulatively, more than 120,000
cocktails have been served at the
festival’s four epic opening night galas,
held at the New York Public Library’s
42nd Street main branch. The festival
extends well beyond the gala, with
nearly 100 events taking place across
the city over the following four days.
Speaking of apples, according to
market analyst Mintel, cider is the rising
star of the British beverage alcohol
trade. Three in five adults polled in
2012 said they drink cider, up from the
previous year’s figure of 47%.
This means that in 2012,
more British adults drank
cider than spirits, and
cider is closing in on beer,
whose stated usage rate
has leveled off at 70%.
Could a similar surge
happen in the U.S.? Recent
research by Consumer Edge Insight
suggests that American tastes may be
poised to take advantage of new brands
and increased distribution of the brews.
The cider category in the U.S. today
suffers from a perception gap between
drinkers and non-drinkers. People who
drink cider regularly (at least once a
week) have a positive opinion: they
think cider tastes great (36%), is fun to
drink (31%) and is high-quality (26%).
In contrast, among people who don't
drink cider at all, only 5% think it tastes
good and 22% say that cider is “not for
people their age.” However, when both
cider drinkers and current non-drinkers
were asked what might make them drink
cider more often, the top response was
“if it was available in more bars and
restaurants,” cited by 26%.
Category expansion could help spur
growth. Among people who have been
drinking more cider, the top reason
given is new brands (35%) and new
flavors (31%). Women are especially
likely to cite new brands (47%) and
new flavors (39%). Among men, the
top reasons for drinking more cider
is they have grown to like its taste
(33%); and they have found
more occasions to drink it
(25%). Men also cite new
brands (23%) and flavors
(23%); and 21% say they
are drinking more cider
because they are getting
tired of drinking other
types of alcohol.
David Decker, president of
Consumer Edge Insight, noted,
“Expanding distribution of the cider
category among both on-premise and
off-premise channels will be key to
driving consumption growth among
both regular users and non-users.”
NOT Cork…
Nomacorc, the world’s largest producer
of synthetic wine closures, announced
the shipment of its 100 millionth Select
Series closure. First introduced in
2011 with the Select 700, the complete
Select Series portfolio was not fully
commercialized until January 2012.
The Select Series was developed
based on Nomacorc’s oxygen
management research and experience
working with winemakers around the
world. The series offers four product
options, consisting of different oxygen
ingress rates, which are each designed
to provide optimum wine preservation
and development. Currently the second
largest closure manufacturer in the world,
Nomacorc produces nearly 2.4 billion
closures annually and represents roughly
13% of the still wine closure market.
The gang's all here: Manhattan Cocktail Classic's 2012 opening night gala.
Photograph by Gabi Porter
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