he 50 Club of New York was
established in 1941, when 50
wholesale liquor distributors ex-
isted in Metro New York, hence
the name. A top salesman was selected
from each company to form The 50 Club
and bring cohesion to the industry. As the
market changed over the years, member-
ship has expanded to include supplier rep-
resentatives in addition to multiple mem-
bers from the distribution community.
Amidst all the change in the industry, the
theme of The 50 Club remains brother-
hood and charity.
An annual golf outing was established
that first year to provide an organized way
to raise funds for several local charities
and to contribute to the community at-
large. Proceeds from fundraisers through-
out the year go toward a number of chari-
ties, with AHRC-Nassau, an organization
dedicated to helping individuals with
developmental disabilities, the primary
recipient. Last year, The 50 Club proudly
raised $40,000 for AHRC.
Over the years, a number of prominent
industry families, including the Merinoffs
and Silvers, have supported the wonderful
work of AHRC. As a tribute to Gertrude
Merinoff’s dedication to AHRC for many
years, the Club bestows the Gertrude Me-
rinoff Humanitarian Award on industry
members demonstrating exceptional con-
tributions to our industry. Past recipients
have included heads of major distributors,
supplier executives and key on- and off-
premise proprietors and prominent union
officials. This year’s recipients include
Greg Brayman, Pheonix/Beehive; Robert
Epstein, Bacardi; and Jason Glasser, Bever-
age Media. They will be honored at the
2013 Golf Outing in June.
Dan Rosenfeld, Al Sportiello,
Frank Maurio, Armand Galante, Marty Silver
and Daniel Cajigas presenting The 50 Club
donation to AHRC.
May 2013
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Brotherhood & Charity
For 72 Years, The 50 Club of New York has
been Connecting the Industry and Community
Statistical experts put the odds of scoring
a hole-in-one on a par-3 hole at 45,000:1.
At last year’s 50 Club Golf Outing, a lucky
guest proved to be that one.
Richard DeStefano was just enjoying
a care-free summer day of golf. Then he
sank a hole-in-one on the 13
hole of the
Tam O’Shanter course. This feat entitled
Richard to a $40,000 prize. Overjoyed,
he generously donated a portion of his
winnings to AHRC Nassau.
Come join the fun at this year’s Golf
Outing which takes place Monday, June
at the Tam O’Shanter Club. This year,
try your luck and see if you might be the
next Richard DeStefano!
At The 50 Club Outing last year, Richard
DeStefano won $40,000 after nailing a
hole-in-one on the 13
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