Those days are officially over. Recent
data reveals that the premium spirits
and Champagne categories have nearly
tripled in value over the last decade to an
astounding $72 billion. This, in spite of
a global economic downturn.
“In the U.S. there is a very large
group of people who appreciate the
finer things and are prepared to pay
for it,” says Bryan Fry, President &
CEO, Pernod Ricard, USA. Whether
it’s because consumers see wines and
spirits as affordable luxuries compared
with other goods, or that people are
“drinking less, but drinking better,”
the trend towards premiumization is
showing renewed signs of growth.
Pernod Ricard is wasting no time
in answering the call, growing the
ultra-premium side of their already
high-end portfolio. “We have one of
the finest prestige portfolios in the
business and plan to be doing more in
the high-end segment going forward,
with Champagne, Cognac and Whisky,”
Fry shares. Recent months have seen the
launch of high end line extensions for fast-
growing Irish siblings—Jameson, Midleton
and Powers.
here was a time—not long ago—when many industry experts
were convinced that high-end consumer spending would never
return. “Luxury” had become a dirty word and ultra-value
was en vogue.
Pernod Ricard’s
high-end portfolio
sees strong growth
By kristen bieler
Absolut’s ultra-premium
expression is clean and
well-rounded with a
light, grainy fragrance
and hints of aniseed.
Extremely smooth and
silky, it has a mouth-
coating creaminess
with subtle nut notes.
The finish is mellow and
warm, with notes of nuts
and spice that linger.
SRP: $49.99/1L
This single pot still Irish
Whiskey (aged in American
oak) showcases an elegant
nose of vanilla and charred
oak filled out with hints of
lime, green berries, pears
and sweet peppers. On the
palate, it is complex and
smooth with cinnamon- and
vanilla-accented flavors of
pepper, fresh citrus and
mandarin orange. SRP: $240
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