Whisky on the Rise
“If you look at how luxury consumer
goods are sold, they all have strong
stories about craftsmanship and
history to back up the price,” says
Fry. “We take the same approach
with single malt Scotch. If you pay
$200 for a bottle of whisky, you want
to share the story about how it was
made, and why it is special.” The
company’s whisky division reported
double-digit sales growth in many
markets in recent years.
“Single malt has huge potential,”
says Wayne Hartunian, VP Whiskies
& Cognac for Pernod Ricard. “It
is the fastest growing and most
profitable spirits category, and
has been able to significantly grow
value without impacting the pace of
growth.” The Glenlivet—still far and
away the market leader—is a great
example of this. Growing at twice the
category rate, it currently contributes
more value growth to the single
malt category than any other brand.
The Glenlivet is growing faster
than it ever has, especially with its
high-end expressions.
Jameson, too, is seeing an
explosion of growth not only with
its premium offerings. “As the Irish
Whiskey category continues to
develop at a fast pace, there is clearly
a strong trade-up dynamic in place,”
says Hartunian. “Volume is coming
from multiple sources—mid-tier Irish
whiskey consumers, North American
small batch whisky consumers and
Scotch consumers. The Jameson
higher marques have a very strong
heritage story and craft credentials
that make them highly appealing to
these consumers.”
Absolut, Elevated
One of the most exciting new launch-
es in the spirits industry is Absolut
Elyx. The ultra-premium, small batch
vodka will capitalize on the strong
brand equity of Absolut—the most
iconic vodka brand in the world.
Made from single-estate wheat that
is manually distilled in an old cop-
per still, Absolut Elyx is pure and
elegant. Perhaps its most distin-
guishing factor is its texture—silky,
smooth and mouth-filling. Mathias
Westphal, Global Brand Director
The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old
Double distilled in copper pot stills
and aged in sherry casks, this
definitive Speyside whisky is
fruity and floral with honeyed
flavors of nuts and toffee. SRP:
The Glenlivet 15-Year-Old
French Oak Reserve
Aging in French Limousin oak barrels
imparted a deep golden color to this
whisky, and imparted a rich, spicy
character to the citrusy taste profile.
Velvety and smooth, it boasts and
long creamy finish. SRP: $44.99
The Glenlivet
Nadurra 16-Year-Old
This unique expression is non-chill
filtered, which gives it a fuller body
and richer texture. Aged in first-fill
American Oak casks and bottled at
natural cask strength, the Nadurra
16-Year Old is fresh, clean, fruity and
crisp with a sweet-savory nose.
SRP: $59.99
The Glenlivet
Sweet and velvety with ripe aromas
of spicy oranges and marmalade,
this golden whisky is spicy and
smoky with an ultra-elegant
finish. SRP: $59.99
The Glenlivet
Archive 21-Year-Old
Produced in small batches,
this expression is rich and multi-
layered with Sherry-accented
flavors of fruit and nuts. It is rich and
exceedingly well balanced with a
mouth-coating texture. SRP: $129.99
The Glenlivet
The distillery’s ultimate expression.
Finished in rare Oloroso Sherry casks,
this amber-hued Scotch is intensely
fragrant with luscious fruits and
spices which carry through on the
palate. Exotic fruit and ginger notes
emerge with a little time in the glass,
and the finish is long-lasting and dry.
SRP: $250
Jameson 18-Year-Old
Aromatic with spice,
wood and toffee, this
ultra-smooth Jameson
expression explodes on
the palate with flavors
of fudge, toffee, leather,
vanilla and nuts. The
finish is long and com-
plex. SRP: $84.99
Jameson Gold
The rich taste of
pot still whisky comes
through in this bot-
tling, defined by
sweet honey notes,
spicy nuts and a
creamy texture. The
peppery finish lingers
nicely on the palate.
SRP: $59.99
the glenlivet currently
contributes more volume
growth to the single malt
category than any other brand.
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