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Both Broad
and Focused
Other targeted promotions and products
abound. Malibu Red partnered with
R&B musician Ne-Yo, who wrote a song
specifically for the spirit—a blend of
rum and tequila targeting the nightlife
crowd. El Jimador, a tequila popular with
Mexicans on both sides of the border,
launched commemorative bottles adorned
with soccer team motifs. As part of April’s
Tribeca Film Festival, Heineken sponsored
grants and awards recognizing Latino and
African-American filmmakers.
A new product, Coco Mambú,
welcomes guests with “Hola!” on its
website; technically a liqueur at 36 proof,
this blend of rum, coconut water (20%),
sugar and natural fruit flavors, celebrates
a tropical island vibe with two inaugural
flavors: Orange-Mango and Watermelon-
Lime. RumCh ta, a 27.5-proof blend of
cream, rum and cinnamon, is not targeted
toward an ethnic demographic per se, but
it is inspired by the rice-based Mexican
beverage horchata.
Earlier this year, Hennessy partnered
with the rapper Nas as part of its “Wild
Rabbit” campaign. Last year’s partners
included singer Erykah Badu, boxer
Manny Pacquiao and filmmaker Martin
Scorcese. Anchored by the slogan “What's
your Wild Rabbit?”, the campaign aims to
attract a new generation of aspirational
consumers. Hennessy Latino, the brand’s
Hispanic outreach program, also hosts
large-scale events around the country.
Meanwhile, an increasing number of
black and Latino entertainers and entre-
preneurs are getting behind brands. Sean
“Diddy” Combs’s association with Cîroc
Vodka might be the most prominent. Cee-
Lo Green partnered last year with Ty Ku
Saké as both investor and spokesperson.
Music producer Timbaland launched the
sparkling flavored vodka product LeSutra,
targeting nightclubs and lounges. And Jay-
Z is invested in D’Ussé, Bacardi’s Cognac
launched in 2012.
When targeted demographic outreach
works, it encourages the consumer to
embrace the brand both as a lifestyle
emblem and to appreciate the history
behind it in the same way marketers have
long aimed to attract specific consumers.
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Ne-Yo entertains at a Malibu Red event.
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