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& Promise
culti alcohol marketing can still be
complicated by economic disparity. So-
called “bulletproof” stores, put little
inventory on display; some suppliers, in
turn, create custom POS materials for
such shops. Smuggling alcohol into bars
and clubs to spike cheaper soft drinks is
a serious concern at many bars. Overall,
however, Alcoba notes the trends have
been very positive for the multi-culti
division: “You’re really seeing a lot of
super-premium items driving our revenue
and growth.”
Perhaps most important for re-sellers
to remember is that, particularly among
young Americans of all stripes, there is a
great deal of crossover these days. While
Latinos and African-Americans may rep-
resent fairly distinct, targetable segments,
music, food, cuisine and pop culture flow
in multiple directions. Mojitos are practi-
cally as well-known as mar-
garitas. In Budweiser’s most
recent TV ads, young people
of varying ethnicities dance
the night away. Tecate Light
recently released a canned
(beer blended
with lime, spices and a hint
of chili pepper) as well as a
campaign that plays humor-
ously—and bilingually—with
English and Spanglish words
commonly used among U.S.
Hispanic men.
Just as white suburban kids are steeped
in hip-hop, so too are Latinos, Asians and
African-Americans populating the fine
drinking and dining scene. “People ask
me, ‘Who’s your target?’” says Ken Austin,
founder and chairman of Tequila Avión.
“I say: one thing tequila doesn’t do, is it
doesn’t discriminate. No one turns down a
shot of tequila. My market is anyone over 21
with a mouth.”
Of course, cultural
sub-groups have a long
history of influencing
American food and drink
consumption. The found-
ing fathers brought their
taste for discussing politics
in pubs over from England.
Germans and Bavarians almost single-
handedly built America’s beer culture.
Italians ensured California’s wine indus-
try survived Prohibition. Today’s hip-hop
culture spark of Moscato is not so unusual
in the big picture, and similar phenomena
are apt to follow. All things considered, it
is safe to say that America’s melting pot
is leaving a significant imprint on the na-
tion’s beverage alcohol enjoyment.
Where ’ s your allure
california bubbly
sweet pink moscato
Bronco Wine Company has
developed a variety of multi-
culti ads and POS materials
for Allure Moscato, which has
become very popular in urban
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