June 2013
Village Resto Pops-Up in Paris
ou don’t have to be a large “chain”
restaurant group to have a pop-up or
a private label wine. Earlier this year,
Hudson Clearwater, a small, cozy restau-
rant in the far-west Village, took its show
on the airplane and did a six-day pop-
up in the Marea area of Paris. Not only
were they cooking their American menu,
but they had a private-label Oregon Pi-
not Noir shipped to Paris and featured it
through out the week.
Says Beverage Director Matthew
Hechter, “There was an amazing response
to the private label Pinot Noir. Jay Som-
mers, the winemaker, has a style that is
similar to Burgundy. Many people com-
mented that it reminded them of some-
thing from that region. We sold out half
way through the week and had to find a re-
placement. We were charging $13 per glass,
and the four-course tasting menu was $60.”
Hechter and partner Chris Bran-
don go out to Willamette Valley each
March to work with Sommers (founder
of J. Christopher wines) to decide on the
blend for the Hudson Clearwater Pinot
Noir. They commit to only 150 cases each
vintage, which is purchased by their dis-
tributor for them. A second private label
wine is under development. They chose
Oregon because many patrons were ask-
ing for wines from Oregon.
“We are firm believers in the private
label approach,” says Hechter. “Our res-
taurant works to develop relationships
with farmers for produce so it only makes
sense to apply these practices to wine-
makers. It offers us the chance to get to
know our favorite winemakers and of-
fer our customers a wine specific to our
taste.” The Pinot Noir is poured by the
glass ($13) and by the bottle($52).
Organic Wines Get a List
of Their Own
he three Candle Cafés (Candle Café,
Candle 79, Candle Café West) all
feature vegan and organic cuisine.
Candle Café was the first certified green
restaurant in New York City and all of the
restaurants are ranked among the “green-
est” businesses in the country. Candle
Café and Candle 79 are 3-Star Certified
Green by the Green Restaurant Associa-
tion, and Candle Café West is working to-
ward its certification. In keeping with this
theme, about 95% of the wines, beers and
spirits are organic or Biodynamic.
“Organic wine has gotten better and
better,” says the sommelier at West, Cyn-
thia Goddeau, who was brought on to de-
It’s Getting Creative Out There…
Pop-Ups, All-Organic Wine Lists, Sangria and Custom Negronis
Among Restaurant Innovations
A selection
of the organic
wines offered
at Candles
Café West
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