Harvested from actual
chunks of icebergs off the coast of Can-
ada, the water in Iceberg is 7,000 times
purer than tap water. Perfectly chilled
when the maple leaf changes color.
Krü 82.
Distilled from French wheat,
Krü 82 has a unique stainless steel bottle
with built-in utility clip and nylon strap.
Cool, durable, goes anywhere.
Legend of Kremlin.
Based on the first known
recipe for Russian vodka,
and long produced only
for Moscow royalty and the church,
Legend of Kremlin is the only Russian
vodka made in traditional copper vats.
New Amsterdam.
Before New
York was New York, it was New
Amsterdam; this vodka captures the city’s
essence. Value pricing and “five times
distilled” messaging helped the brand
become fastest spirits brand ever to sell
1 million cases.
Don’t overthink this one: it’s
vodka with a wicked good sense of humor.
Attributed to a chap named Wit Odd-
oski, who claims he thought up “vodka
flavoured vodka.”
Crafted in a five-column
distillation system from organic Italian
wheat grown in Northwest Italy, then
blended with pristine waters from the
Italian Alps.
Living up to its name, Purity
is distilled 34 times, in a pot still made
of copper and gold. This Swedish brand
claims to be the most award-winning ultra-
premium vodka in the world.
Russian Standard.
The name rings
true: this is the #1 vodka in Russia, based
on a formula first commissioned by Tsar
Alexander III using hardy winter wheat
from the Russian steppes and glacial
waters of the frozen north.
Since its humble start in San
Francisco in 1992, Skyy has soared. Its
smooth, clean taste derives from four-
column distillation, triple filtration and a
proprietary reverse osmosis process.
Created using buckwheat
and Alpine water by chef Peter X. Kelly to
be “the culinary vodka,” Slovenia gains ex-
tra street cred from input by Russian-born
dancer Mikhail Barishnikov and “Good
Will Ambassador and Commissioner of
Fun” Bill Murray.
The #1 premium vodka in
Poland (the real birthplace of vodka, not
Russia) at a great price. Made from golden
Dankowski Rye and pure water from
Oligocene springs; continuously distilled
for smoothness.
Iconic Stoli is the
flag-waver of Russian vodkas in the U.S.
Popular for generations, it’s set to make
a fresh market push as the brand owner,
Russia’s SPI Group, will establish its own
importing arm in the U.S. in 2014.
Three Olives.
This is “the London
vodka.” Paying homage to the classic
martini, the brand was recently repack-
aged and supported by ads featuring actor
Clive Owen.
From Poland, considered by
many the birthplace of vodka, Ultimat is
crafted from three ingredients—wheat for
smoothness, rye for complexity, potato
for richness.
Van Gogh.
Though the brand is
best known for wild flavors, Van Gogh’s
triple-distilled “Classic” is balanced and
smooth. The distillery in Holland dates
back to 1879.
The glacial vodka of
Norway, Vikingfjord is a potato-based
spirit made in a five-column still, then
charcoal-filtered and blended using crystal
clear water that was frozen for 5,000 years.
Created by three friends
after a girls’ getaway, Vixen bills itself
as “lust in liquid form” and sports two
sexy legs in their logo. Made in a glass
still in Colorado.
Vodka’s inherent
neutrality makes image
more important than
ever. American Harvest
is among a handful
of brands enticing
consumers with an
organic identity.
the savory side
he flavored vodka world isn’t all
about candy and ice cream. There
is a growing group of savory
entrants, such as Crop Cucumber,
ZU Vodka (an ancient Polish brand
flavored with Bison Grass), newly-
released The Bay Seasoned Vodka
(flavored with traditional Chesapeake
Bay herbs and spices) and perhaps the
most unique: Hophead.
Created by Anchor Distilling in San
Francisco, Hophead is distilled entirely
from hops. It tastes like nothing else
on the market.
Anchor president David King
became enamored with the smell of
hops coming out of the company’s
brewery and distillery and the idea
was born. Using small copper pot
stills and two types of dried hops from
Washington State’s Yakima Valley, the
resulting liquid is intensely flavorful,
yet almost doesn’t fit in the category
of flavored vodkas (King prefers to
refer to it as a premium craft spirit).
Hophead makes a mean
Bloody Mary, and mixes well
in a wider range of cocktails
than one might expect (at
90 proof, it is delicious
in martinis and beer
cocktails particularly).
It’s also perfect to sip on
its own. (SRP $29.95)
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