Just when you thought you’d seen all the
possible wine packages, along comes
Lambrusco producer Cantine Ceci with
Decanta, a wine whose beveled bottle al-
lows it to be set down but tilted on an
angle. A bottle doesn’t have to be hip
or slick to be innovative. Enotalia (pro-
ducer of Voga Italia and Luna Di Luna)
chose ProWein as the launch pad for a
new brand: Lady Lola. The two Lady
Lola iterations are a Pinot Grigio and a
surprising 80/20 Pinot Grigio-Moscato
blend; both come in a squat bottle with
wood-knobbed synthetic stopper—prac-
tically begging to be reused for olive
oil or as a vase. And when is box
wine not box wine?When it’s dressed
up like an Encyclopedia, naturally.
Tuntenyeti, a German liqueur whose
label sports a cross-dressing Yeti, sug-
gests that political correctness aside,
the future of wine/spirit products in
the U.S. could easily get edgier.
Is America ready for Hugo? Espe-
cially popular in Germany and
Austria, this premixed low-alco-
hol spritzer—a combination of white
wine, sparkling water and a hint of
lemon, mint and elderflower syrup—is
quenching the mass market in cans,
from multiple producers. Viv It and
Dub Dub are especially eye-catching.
All things considered, the real tri-
umph of ProWein is that the show is
truly business-focused—parties take a
back seat. With principals converging
on Dusseldorf from all over the world,
ProWein has become
stage for an
increasingly global industry.
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