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from both sides
ognac has been experiencing a
strong comeback in the last couple
of years, and D’ussé Cognac,
the ultra-premium brand from
Bacardi, is now leading the long-term trend
in the complex brown spirits category.
As consumer palates continuously
evolve to crave a more complex and flavor-
ful tasting experience, D’ussé offers excep-
tionally smooth, bold and full-bodied char-
acter that can be enjoyed neat or on the
rocks, as well as in a cocktail.
“We see plenty of room for new expres-
sions to succeed and evolve in a category
that has been relatively staid over the years.
But now consumers want something fresh
and new that remains true to the standards
of Cognac,” says Giles Woodyer, VP, Brand
Managing Director Bacardi USA. “D’ussé
provides that fresh, bold, one-of-a-kind ex-
perience and our goal is to continue to re-
define Cognac for a whole new generation
of consumers.”
D’ussé is crafted by Château de
Cognac—“one of the most prestigious
cognac houses in France for over two
centuries,” says Woodyer—and their rich
heritage in the art of blending and aging
gives them expertise rivaled by few others.
The Château is located in a 1,000-plus year
old castle which provides an ideal aging
environment—its humid cellars turn out
delicate, smooth and fragrant Cognacs
while dry cellars yield more intense, oak-
influenced, spicier Cognacs. Master
Blender Michel Casavecchia (who is also in
charge of the house’s other brands) then
uses his blending skills to create Cognacs
of supreme balance and flavor expression.
A Different Cognac
With D’ussé, Bacardi and Château de
Cognac had set out to create a VSOP for
the U.S. market that possesses the bold,
pronounced flavor concentration that
the American consumer prefers. Created
from a combination of eaux-de-vie aged at
least five years in French oak, the success-
ful result is a full-bodied VSOP blend with
a heady, harmonious mix of orange peel,
spice, butterscotch and nuts which lingers
on the very smooth finish.
“Due to the rapid growth of mixology
today—and particularly the revival of many
classic Cognac-based cocktails—now is “the
perfect time for a Cognac which is equal
parts mixable and boldly flavored for solo
sipping,” says Woodyer. “The product has
become known amongst top mixologists in
New York and is quickly expanding its foot-
print across the country. These experts are
constantly developing new, amazing cre-
ations where D’ussé stands out an integral
ingredient, as opposed to being masked by
other flavors,” says Woodyer.
While Bacardi is wooing Cognac fans
with D’ussé, the company sees massive
potential with the uninitiated. “With its
modern package and taste profile, we be-
lieve D’ussé appeals to a variety of consum-
ers, including those who may not currently
identify as Cognac drinkers,” says Philippe
Jouhaud, Sales and Marketing Director,
Château de Cognac.
D’ussé remains in demand across the
country as it continues to roll out in new
markets this summer, followed by a grow-
ing number of larger markets later in the
year. The brand is also planning to launch
a product extension this fall and will be
supported by a fully integrated marketing
platform. Woodyer explains, “We want
to ensure that consumers and trade con-
tinue to have a deep understanding of
the quality of our blend and the passion
our Cellar Master has put into creating
this unique expression.” (A 750ml bottle
of D’ussé VSOP retails for approximately
D’ussé Cognac
Redefining the Category for a
New Generation, Solo or Mixed
By kristen bieler
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