Beverage Media
July 2013
CDP Mags Draw Rhône
Enthusiasts to Veritas
riday and Saturday are great for res-
taurants, but Monday can be “spe-
cial” as beverage directors dip into
their inventory and bags of tricks to draw
more business on this normally quiet night.
Over at Veritas in the Flatiron district,
“Magnum Mondays” are in full swing.
Head Sommelier Alexandria Cuppage
is opening two magnums of a top Châ-
teauneuf-du-Pape every other Monday.
A half-glass is $14 and a full glass
$27.50, and the bottles are usually gone
by the end of the evening. Says Cup-
page, “Guests love having a glass poured
from a large-format bottle. The program
has been well received, and some people
come in just because of what we are pour-
ing by the glass on a particular Monday.”
The wines come from owner Park B.
Smith’s private collection, which is heav-
ily skewed to Châteauneuf-du-Papes in
magnum. And most are from older vin-
tages with some nice development.
For the balance of the summer, the
magnums to be featured are:
July 8 - Pierre Usseglio Mon Aïeul 2001
July 22 - Beaucastel 2001
August 5 - Clos des Papes 2000
August 19 - Janasse Vieilles Vignes 2000
September 2 - Domaine de Pegau Cuvée
Réservée 2000
September 16 - Bois de Boursan Cuvée des
Félix 2000.
BYOB to the Weekly
Wine Party
his summer, new-kid-on-the-block
Manzanilla (Park Avenue South)
has launched a weekly wine event:
“Mondays at Manzanilla,” when their
private wine cellar becomes a wine lov-
ers’ party. Guests can bring any number
of bottles free of corkage fees. Tables
are reserved for the whole evening, and
mingling, table hopping and wine shar-
ing are encouraged. Michelin two-star
chef Dani Garcia’s regular menu is of-
fered. Expect some interesting Sherry
for purchase at the room’s private bar.
If it catches on, the party may be ex-
Livin’ Large All Summer
Big Bottles Make Fun Glass Pours
Magnums of Châteauneuf-
du-Pape take a star turn at
Veritas (below).
Morrell’s Anna-Christina Dais
is in for heavy lifting—of
jeroboams of rosé—this
summer (RIGHT).
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