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Pours From Big Pink
osé is getting big. Following sev-
eral years of double-digit growth
in the U.S., rosé consumption
has reached 47.9 million cases, and it is
particularly popular with women and
Millennials. Many restaurants in the city
are making sure customers think pink by
displaying and rosé in large formats–mag-
num or even jeroboam (double magnum).
At Boulud Sud and Bar Boulud, Mi-
chael Madrigale is pouring glasses from
magnums of rosé: Château la Canorgue
2011 Côtes de Provence Rosé ($13) and
Proprieta Sperino 2012 “Rosa del Rosa”
from Piedmont ($14). “Customers love
the presentation—especially outside on
the terrace,” says Madrigale.
Over in Rock Center, Morrell Wine
Bar & Cafe has gone over the top, plan-
ning to pour 3-liter jeroboams of Proven-
çale rosé by the glass all the way until
Labor Day. Vie Vité Extraordinaire, Do-
maines Ott’s Château de Selle and Châ-
teau d’Esclan’s “Whispering Angel” are
on the list now, but others may be added.
The pricing per glass ranges from $13 to
$28, and customers are impressed.
In the West Village, La Villette has
La Chappelle Gordonne by the glass from
magnum for $12. And Bagatelle, in its
new Meat Packing location, continues to
pour rosé from huge bottles at its raucous
Saturday Brunch Party. Nello, on Madi-
son, offers two Provençale rosés in large
format: AIX Rosé in both magnum and
jeroboam and Domaine Saint André de
Figuière in magnum. Brooklyn has gone
big for pink, too; Bar Tabac has done well
with the elegant Cep d’Or in mags.
Nice to be in Nice in NYC
alk of rosé wines brings to mind
Provence, the uncontested spiritual
homeland of dry rosé. And that leads
to thoughts of Bistro La Promenade, the
Chelsea venue owned by Alain Allegretti,
a Nice, France, native.
When the restaurant re-launched
with its new name (after a year as La
Promenade des Anglais), Bruno Sou-
birous (Pescadeux) was brought in as
general manager. To keep pace with the
new, traditional bistro menu (escargots,
blanquette de veau, frog legs), Soubirous
revamped the wine list, making it 80%
French and Mediterranean wines, includ-
ing five rosés. Provençale influences are
also in the drinks, which includes a fine
Lavender Lemonade ($14), made using
lavender-infused Reyka Vodka, lavender
honey and fresh lemon.
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