sk a bartender what he or she thinks
about blender drinks and you’ll likely
get an earful about all that is wrong
with these tooth-tingling vacation-
destination concoctions: too sweet,
too watery, too processed. But we all
secretly love a good frozen drink for
nostalgic qualities, from childhood
milkshakes to spring break shenanigans.
So it was only a matter of time before carefully
curated cocktails emphasizing fresh ingredients
edged over to frozen drink territory. With a twist, of
course. Welcome to the era of spiked slushies, saucy
snow cones and amped-up blender drinks.
“Blended drinks, in any incarnation, are just fun,” explains Tad
Carducci, owner of The Tippler in New York City, which has a
year-’round “Lushie” selection on the menu. “They allow us a bit of
a mental or emotional escape to an exotic locale. Historically, they
have not been made with the highest-quality ingredients, so for
many years they were eschewed by craft cocktail bartenders. Over
the last couple of years, these bartenders have realized that frozen
drinks can be as viable a delivery method for artisanal spirits and
ingredients as any, and can be a really fun ‘hook’ on their menus,”
In fact, just about any cocktail can work in a blender, points
out Carducci. He says, “Have fun and experiment with recipes that
have proven successful as ‘on the rocks’ or ‘up’ drinks at your bars.”
Righting the Wrongs
Kim Haasarud of Liquid Architecture, and author of
101 Blended
, says most bartenders associate the blender with just four
photograph by alexandra grablewski
the high life
Liquid Architecture
101 Blended Drinks
By Kim Haasarud
Bartenders Rethink
Frozen Drinks for the
Modern Cocktail Age
By Brandy Rand
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