drinks: the Margarita, Piña Colada,
Strawberry Daiquiri and milkshake. “In
my opinion, I think the blender is prob-
ably one of the most underrated tools at
a mixologist’s fingertips,” says Haasarud.
She recommends investing in a high-
performance blender that can keep up
with a busy night without breaking
down. And with noise the number one
complaint for most bartenders, there are
commercial models that have been de-
veloped to address the problem, like The
Quiet One by Vitamix.
If blenders aren’t an option be-
cause of your bar’s volume, or if you
just don’t like them, go big like Max
Toste at Boston’s Deep Ellum. He pur-
chased a BUNN Ultra Gourmet Ice
frozen drink machine and along with
General Manager David Cagle set out
to reinvent the frozen margarita. With
no fresh recipe in existence for a com-
mercial machine, creating the perfect
recipe was a long process. “Most frozen
margaritas are not strong. We wanted
something flavor-intensive so we had
to figure out how to freeze the alcohol,
sugar and water and still make it taste
good,” says Cagle.
The result is a base that uses a
mix of fresh lime, lemon and orange
juices, simple syrup, a housemade or-
ange peel syrup (in place of orange
liqueur), water and both reposado
and añejo tequilas. (“Blanco gets
lost and does not have the presence
of flavor we wanted,” says Toste.) Ev-
ery week, Deep Ellum changes an ele-
ment of the mix, adding fruit purées,
liqueurs or infusing the simple syrup.
They’ve even used watermelon water
and basil-infused simple syrup; and
have made versions with prickly pear,
cucumber, mint and strawberry rhu-
Strawberry Chata Shake
1 part RumChata
1 part ice cream
1 part fresh or frozen strawberries
½ part rum
1 part ice
Blend until smooth. Pour into milkshake
PB&J Frappe
Created by Cooking Channel’s Nadia G,
Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen
½ oz. Van Gogh PB&J Vodka
1 cup milk
½ cup vanilla ice cream
½ banana
1 heaping Tbsp. of smooth peanut butter
1 heaping Tbsp. of raspberry jam/or
fresh strawberries
Blend. Serve in a tall glass with a banana
slice or raspberry garnish.
2 oz. Flor de Caña 7 Year Rum
1 scoop chocolate ice cream
½ oz. vanilla syrup
½ oz. Licor 43
4 mint leaves for garnish
Caramel foam*
Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass.
Shake for 20 seconds. Serve in chilled mar-
tini glass. Top with layer of caramel foam.
*For caramel foam:
2 oz. heavy cream
½ oz. liquid caramel syrup
Dash of cinnamon
Combine heavy cream with syrup and cin-
namon in a dry shaker until emulsified.
Created by Tad Carducci at
The Tippler in NYC
1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Campari
1½ oz. Carpano Antica (or
other sweet vermouth)
cup ice cubes
Orange slice
Add all ingredients to a
blender with 2/3 cup ice and
blend. Pour into an Old Fash-
ioned glass and garnish with
orange slice.
By puréeing ingredients,
a blender actually com-
bines them differently than
shaking or stirring can.
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