ticipating results and buying or pro-
moting on the basis of final awards.
Wilfred Wong, cellar master at the
nearly 120-store BevMo! Stores in Ari-
zona, California and Washington and
a frequent judge at competitions him-
self, uses awards in tandem with his
own selections. “It’s another accolade
that legitimizes a wine or spirit in the
customer’s mind,” he says, though he’s
careful to exclude competitions seen as
too generous.
As a retailer, Wong appreciates
the way competitions include many
palates to provide awards, and how the
predictable arrival of awards at the same
time annually makes it easier to plan
and respond to them, but he thinks
that a high score from a noted wine
critic still means more to customers
than a gold medal.
That’s partly the product of over-
worked retailers finding it easier to
clip or copy ratings, rather than wad-
ing through lengthy lists of winners
when competitions release notices
about hundreds of brands assessed.
In fact, with 90+ scores by critics
reaching a level of numbing frequen-
cy in our market, it can be argued
that medals, conferred by groups
of judges, represent a refreshing/
retro alternative.
Aligning medal winners with store
inventory may take some work, but it
is nonetheless a golden opportunity to
share the opinions of some of the best
palates in the country. As competition,
especially from giant retailers, increases,
stores smartly employing every freely
provided advantage, like legitimate
awards, may be the ones who end up
with the gold themselves.
Jean K. Reilly MW
checks out a flight
at the Ultimate Wine
Challenge 2013.
Making use of the
marketing collateral
that competitions
provide—free artwork and
medallion icons, for instance—
is simply good marketing sense.
2013 Professional Wine
Judges of San Francisco
Chronicle Wine Competition.
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