Beverage Media
August 2013
New York Terroir on the High Line
wners of Hearth and Terroir wine
bars, Paul Grieco and Marco Cano-
ra, returned this summer to the
High Line for a second season with Ter-
roir at The Porch. It’s located on the High
Line over 10th Avenue and 15th Street
and is the only spot in the park where you
can laze with a glass (or bottle) of wine or
beer with your served food.
The beverage list features New York
State wines—over half the selections—
and beers, all of which are NY-brewed.
Grab a picnic bench and you will have
a good (if somewhat obstructed) view of
the Hudson River.
The Finger Lakes are expecially
well-represented. Offerings include
Gotham Project Riesling 2012 on draft
($8.75/glass); Fox Run Lemberger Rosé
2012 ($10.25/glass, $41/bottle); and
Hermann Wiemer Cabernet Franc
2010 ($14/$56).
Wines are served in classy govino
stem-less plastic glasses with a thumb
notch. Food is simple—if you consider
a duck breast “pastrami,” mushroom
and tallegio cheese panini simple—and
tasty. Signature veal and ricotta meat-
balls, smoked chicken salad sandwich
and lamb sausage are typical fare. Go
soon to catch the outdoor scene; it clos-
es in November.
Old Grapes, New Wines
t The National in the East 50s,
GM/Beverage Director Matthew
Feddock began earlier this year to
refocus the wine list to better pair with
Chef/Partner Geoffrey Zakarian’s philoso-
phy of fresh, local foods done in unusual
combinations: for example chicken noo-
dle soup done with soba noodle, ginger
and scallion; or corn ravioli with huit-
lacoche and pineapple purée, cubanelle
peppers and maitake mushrooms.
So, Feddock has added wines from
familiar grape varieties, but with a
twist. A sparkling Szigeti Brut NV from
Trendy Wine Service, Inside & Out
Riesling in plastic…Bubbly Grüner…the Greek-iest list in the U.S.
Terroir aT Porch PhoTograPhs by Nicole FraNzeN
aT The
Porch locaTed
on The high
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