Beverage Media
August 2013
BeverageMedia.com Processes
One Millionth Electronic Order
Poised for accelerated growth, the company leads the next generation
of technology innovation
By Kristen Bieler
n June 19
at 3:47pm, Liquor
Land of Hamden, CT, placed an
order on BeverageMedia.com with
Worldwide Wines, a division of
Brescome Barton, Inc., for a case of 1.5L
Cavit Pinot Grigio. It was the one millionth
electronic order placed on the website.
“For the last several months, we’ve been
getting excited knowing we were approach-
ing the millionth order milestone,” said
Jason Glasser, Chief Executive Officer. “It
does not feel that long ago when we started
our counter with order number one.”
Dedicated to creating data and infor-
mation solutions in print and online for
licensees for the past 75 years, Beverage
Media Group first introduced an eCom-
merce platform in 1997. This B2B plat-
form enables retailers and restaurateurs
to place orders directly with beverage
alcohol distributors who list their port-
folios on BeverageMedia.com. Today,
approximately three million searches are
conducted annually, and the company
expects to facilitate over $200 million in
electronic orders in 2013.
Upon learning that his store placed
the millionth order, Liquor Land owner
Michael Wartell commented, “That’s
great news! It took a lot of hard work on
everyone’s part to get BeverageMedia.
com to where it is today—and I don’t
know how
stores today can operate
without eOrders.”
Moments after the Liquor Land order
was placed, the Cupping Room Café in
New York City placed an order with Em-
pire Merchants; and Chevy’s Fresh Mex
in Clifton, NJ, placed an order wwith
Fedway Associates in New Jersey. Bev-
erageMedia.com will reach its two-mil-
lionth-order milestone at a much faster
pace, notes Glasser, who projects signifi-
cant growth in the year ahead based on
current user trends and the evolution of
the company’s online offerings.
In 2012 BeverageMedia.com launched
The Cellar, a new online ordering and
search engine. “The improvements made
on The Cellar give sommeliers, retailers
and salespeople more access to product in-
formation, and they can get real-time pric-
ing and availability data faster and easier
than ever before,” said Ian Griffith, VP of
eCommerce. “These trade members now
have the ability to build lists and share
them by email or via social media. They
can also create promotional PDFs on thou-
sands of products with descriptions, labels,
bottle images and tasting notes.”
Access to The Cellar at beveragemedia.com is restricted
to the licensed beverage alcohol trade. For more informa-
tion, email
or visit the registra-
tion page at beveragemedia.com.
L to R: Bill Murray, Store Manager
at Liquor Land; Nicholas Bonavita,
Palm Bay, Connecticut State
Manager, Quantum Brands; Dyan
Grant, Brescome Barton/Worldwide
Wines, Director of Marketing;
Mike Wartell, Store Owner of Liquor
Land; William Slone, Chairman,
Beverage Media; Matt Wimberger,
Brescome Barton/Worldwide Wines,
Regional Manager
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