Beverage Media
August 2013
Alsace Riesling
States Its Dry
Sugar Than in
a Sugar Cube
Many wine consumers
continue to think Riesling is
always sweet. In an effort
to change this perception,
Wines of Alsace has
created a campaign aimed
to engage and educate
consumers. The centerpiece
of the campaign is an
infographic notes the
threshold of dry Alsace
Riesling—6.75 grams of
residual sugar (RS) per
bottle—and compares the
RS of the top four Alsace
Rieslings sold in the U.S.
to the amount of sugar in
common beverages.
Alsace, situated between
the Vosges Mountains
and Rhine River in
northeastern France, enjoys
a cool climate that ensures
refreshing acidity while
little rainfall and lots of sun
produce ripe and fruit-driven
wines. Alsace Rieslings
are typically dry, floral and
extremely food-friendly.
for Middle
Sister's Family
Canopy Management, whose
brands include Middle Sister,
Purple Cowboy, pro-mis-Q-
ous, Monogamy, Deep Purple
and Haute Red, among
others, has announced that
the company has shipped its
one-millionth case of wine.
Founded in 2008 by Terry
Wheatley and Brian Wurtz,
Canopy Management was an
early adopter of social media
in the wine category, using
it to promote and build their
brands and create one-on-
one relationships with their
consumers. Many product
ideas are vetted within their
social network, known as
the “Wine Sisterhood” using
the tools of social media.
Consumer opinions and
feedback is drawn from
a base of almost 300,000
fans on Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest, Instagram and
Sparkling wines grew about
4.5% in 2012, per IRI data,
and figures for 2013 through
May 19 show even sharper
gains: sales are up 22.2%
and volumes are up 21.3%.
Imports are just slightly
ahead of domestic sparkling
wines. Though prices were
flat, sparkling wines priced
between $8-$13 experienced
the most sales growth, up
28%, with volumes also up
28%. The $18-$35 and $35
and up price segments took
the largest price increases at a
41 cents and $3, respectively.
They also maintained strong
volume growth in spite of the
price increases.
Looking at Champagne
specifically, sales in the U.S.
market climbed by 1.2%
to about $477 million in
2012. Moët & Chandon and
Veuve Clicquot—together
account for about 60% of the
U.S. Champagne market.
Perrier-Jouët is the
third best-selling
Champagne in the
U.S., followed by,
Nicolas Feuillatte
and Piper Heidsieck.
on Fire
Sazerac’s Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is on fire on-premise, where it
went from 3% dollar share in April 2012 to almost 7% dollar share this
year, according to data from Restaurant Sciences. Currently, Fireball
Cinnamon Whiskey registers more than 2% dollar share of spirits in
the U.S. overall market, with distribution still expanding. The brand
grew 67% in volume last year to 300,000 cases nationally, according
to Technomic’s SpiritsTAB report. Looks like the flavored whiskey cat-
egory will not be cooling off anytime soon.
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