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August 2013
in memoriam
Peter lehmann
Peter Lehmann, winemaker and cham-
pion of Barossa, passed away June 28th
in Adelaide, Australia, at the age of
82. Lehmann entered the wine indus-
try when he was 17. Over the next 30
years, he forged a
reputation as one
of the country’s
leading winemak-
ers. He wrote a
new chapter in
history in 1979
when he stepped
up to protect growers facing bankruptcy
after corporate wineries stopped buy-
ing their fruit. His “gamble”—starting
a new independent winery as a lifeline
for the growers—secured the futures of
more than 100 families. Although retir-
ing officially in 2002, his eponymous
brand became a global success, and put
Barossa Valley on the world stage. Peter
Lehmann is survived by wife Marga-
ret, sons Doug, David and Philip, and
daughter Libby.
Herbert Mayer Goldstock
Herbert Mayer Goldstock, of Roslyn,
NY, who was 98 when he passed away, is
remembered for his years at Star Liquor
Dealers in Long Island City, which was es-
tablished in 1933 with the repeal of Prohi-
bition and eventual-
ly moved to Syosset,
Long Island, where
it was renamed Star
Industries. He was
a gifted story teller
with a kind, gener-
ous manner. He and
James “Jimmy” Tarrant
passed away on June
20, 2013 after a two-year
battle with cancer. Jim
played an integral role
in the New York wine
and spirits industry for
over 30 years. He most
recently held the position
of vice president and
director of business
development at Royal
Wine Corporation.
Born in Queens, NY,
Jim started his liquor
career at Charmer
Industries, first as a
driver in operations,
then salesperson, sales
manager for Distilled
Brands, general sales
manager for the Ben
Perlow division, and
then all the way through
the ranks to division
After holding the
position as president of
Star Industries, Jim went
to work with Lester Eber
at Eber Bros. At Eber,
Jim began as general
sales manager and was
eventually promoted to
executive vice president.
In 2008, Jim was
hired by Royal Wine
Corporation as vice
president. His impact
was immediately felt as
he built a sales team and
brought several new spirit
suppliers to the company.
When he was diagnosed
with cancer, Jim’s
dedication to the job and
industry he loved did not
wane, and he continued
to lead his team and
positively influence his
colleagues and partners.
Jim was honored for
many humanitarian causes,
most notably B'Nai B'Rith
Spirit Unit Appreciation
for Project Hope. He was
also recognized by The
50 Club and received the
Humanitarian Award by the
Boys & Girls Towns of Italy.
Jim is survived by
his wife Peggy and their
three children.
Evelyn, his wife of 67 years, had a story-
book marriage; and through their two chil-
dren, Ron and Judy, he had four grandchil-
dren and nine great-grandchildren.
Blackheath to Represent
Aviation american Gin
Oregon-based House Spirits Distillery
has signed an agreement with Blackheath
Beverage Group (BBG) of Connecticut
for partner with House Spirits' in-
house sales team to look after the
distribution, marketing and sales
activities of Aviation American
Gin. The result of partnership
between House Spirits and mix-
ologist Ryan Magarian, Avia-
tion features a base of naturally
gluten-free spirit with spices
including cardamom, coriander,
anise, dried orange peel, laven-
der, sarsaparilla and juniper.
The brand is co-owned by
legendary NFL quarterback Joe Mon-
tana and CEO Thomas Mooney. “With
national distribution now in place, our
partnership with Blackheath Beverage
Group will fuel explosive volume growth
throughout the country,” said Mooney.
“Blackheath Beverage Group comple-
ments our strength as innovators, provid-
ing deep industry expertise, and sharing a
similar entrepreneurial energy.”
Woodford Reserve
Set to Expand
Brown-Forman intends to expand the
Woodford Reserve Distillery. The more
than $35 million investment includes the
addition of three new ware-
houses capable of housing more
than 165,000 barrels of bour-
bon. Brown-Forman intro-
duced Woodford Reserve
in 1996; since then, it has
experienced double-digit
growth every year.
Jim Tarrant
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