When it comes to wine, the
hybridization situation is all
about fruit, fruit and more fruit.
Soleil Mimosa, a RTD blend
of premium wine and fresh-
squeezed orange juice (8% ABV),
has shown explosive growth,
and steady expansion into new
markets. It is available in both
bottles and cans—plus flavor
extensions (pineapple, mango,
Moscato, not surprisingly,
is at the core of several bubbly
hybrids. The successful 2012 de-
but of MoscaMango led Bedford
International to launch two more
variations, MoscaBerri (straw-
berry) and MoscaPesca (peach).
Myx Fusions—a line of single-
serve Moscatos, powered
by rapper Nicki Minaj and
released this summer—
includes coconut and
peach. Even newer: hav-
ing tested Riunite Peach
Moscato in five markets,
Banfi plans to roll out
this iteration nationally
by the holidays.
Allure Peach—made with
Symphony grapes—shows that
not every bubbly needs to be
Moscato to satisfy fruit-fusion
lovers. And for those wondering
how far the fruit flavors can be
stretched, consider the Amore
Frutti line, a frizzante Moscato
line infused with banana, mango,
raspberry, strawberry, cherry and
Perhaps the best indica-
tion of all that wine hybrids
are taking off: DFV, after
launching Charonge, an
orange-accented Chardon-
nay, in 2012, has evolved
the brand in a major
way. This fall will see the
release of a trio of fruit-
infused wines under the
new Frusions label, fea-
turing peach and pear
as well as orange.
we carry. Malibu Red, I notice, is mostly or-
dered by a younger, hip-hop crowd. They see it
promoted somewhere and will ask for it. Men
mostly, but lately the girls have been asking for
it in cocktails.”
Hybrids Ahead
Of course, the question with any trend is stay-
ing power. Too early to say with hybrids in
general, and it may well be that some soar and
some sink. But the products keep coming. Ear-
lier this year saw another big player enterthe
hybrid arena—Skyy Moscato, a vodka-Mosca-
to fusion. And the young genre shows signs of
flexing in new ways. Coco Mambú is the first
tropically inspired spirit made from rum, trop-
ical fruit juices and 20% coconut water; the
two flavors, Orange Mango and Watermelon
Lime, are both 18% ABV and promoted to be
enjoyed over ice or mixed. Yes, Coco Mambú
is not an all-spirits or spirit-wine combo, but
it wears its hybrid identity front and center.
And in a current marketplace that has
grown accustomed to mash-ups and cross-
overs in all sorts of consumer goods, and
with a food scene that has made fusion of
cuisines common, at the very least it would
seem that beverage-alcohol hybrids will not
shock Americans and may even have an edge
of novelty in terms of attracting attention.
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