Gov. Cuomo
Gets the Picture
I just returned from a one-day tour of
the beautiful Finger Lakes wine region
organized by the Governor for the press
and industry professionals. In anticipa-
tion of the trip I had with me the spread
we are running in September of retail
stores displaying and promoting New
York State wines.
So, when I got a little time with the
governor, beyond talking about your abil-
ity and commitment to support the state’s
wines, I was able to offer him some very
graphic evidence... and it clearly gave him
pause. He reached out, took the spread,
folded it into his pocket with a smile, and
said, “Thank you, that’s great.”
To those retailers who took a the time
to photograph and forward us pictures,
thank you. (See page 90).
And, to those retailers, restaurateurs
and wholesalers who took a “lot more
time” to join the Governor’s one-day
round trip tour, I want to add a very spe-
cial thank you.
Will it be the pictures or your pres-
ence on the tour that helps to make a dif-
ference the next time we are challenged
in the legislature? We don't know, but it
all adds up. Keep up the good work.
Clarity & Common Sense
Clarity: Language can be a tricky thing.
In “Know the Law” this month, Keven
Danow covers the State Liquor Author-
ity’s recent advisory regarding limited-
availability products. The SLA deserves
credit here for clarifying what was, and to
a degree always will be, a complicated is-
sue that suppliers, distributors and licens-
ees deal with monthly.
Common Sense: Interestingly, the
SLA also amended a provision of state
law so that now the sale of “adulterated
beverages” requires that the adulteration
be “intentional.” Apparently, this change
was inspired, literally, by insects. If, un-
fortunately, a fruit fly were to find its way
into a drink previously, licensees were
cited for “adulteration.” Please!
While this decision may prompt a
smile, note that the Chairman’s common
sense is being applied broadly. Consider
his remarks regarding community notice
of “substantial corporate change.” The
SLA has been receiving applications
listed at one percentage point below the
legal 80% threshold, thus abiding by the
law, yet at the same time suggesting intent
to circumvent. Those applications will be
flagged for increased scrutiny, according
to the Chairman. Just a heads up in deal-
ing with the Common Sense State.
Fall Fest
The summer has officially ended and that
means we are all preparing for the busi-
est season of the year. It’s never too early
to start planning for the holidays in terms
of merchandising, store-decorations and
promotions. Our events calendar is load-
ed with upcoming portfolio tastings, as-
sociation dinners and charitable industry
events like the Wine & Spirits Gala on
October 7
for the American Cancer So-
ciety. As in years past, I hope to see many
of our readers at the Trade Tasting at the
New York City Wine & Food Festival on
October 18
. Next month, we’ll have a
great preview of that entire weekend’s ac-
tivities, which raise money for some great
local causes.
Our September issue features 10 up-
and-coming bartenders from around the
country in our annual “10 Mixologists to
Watch” starting on page 20. It was great
to have Simon Ford announce this year’s
group at The Spirited Awards at the 11
Tales of the Cocktail. For a recap, check
out page 70. Also look out for “Meet the
Hybrids,” addressing the growing spirits
mash-up trend (page 38), proving once
again that there’s always a new avenue
for creativity in wine and spirits.
September 2013
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