September 2013
upporting New York State wines
is clearly the cool thing to do this
season and year-round. So, this
summer retailers across New York joined
the Last Store on Main Street Coalition
to participate in a summer poster cam-
paign to promote buying local wines.
“This summer we launched our ‘Beat
the Heat’ program to remind consumers
to chill out with a refreshing New York
State wine. The response was phenom-
enal, with stores across the state taking
part and putting posters in their win-
dows,” said Jeff Saunders, President of
the Retailers Alliance and founder of
Last Store on Main Street.
“We have made great strides in
promoting New York wines over the
last several years and we have enjoyed
working with the New York wineries
to promote their products,” added Mi-
chael Correra, Executive Director of
the Metropolitan Package Store As-
sociation. The goal of this campaign
has been to remind New Yorkers that
some of the best wines come from
their own backyard.
Thank you to all participating stores
for sponsoring tastings and showcasing
the amazing New York-made wines.
Gratitude as well goes to Last Store on
Main Street for coordinating poster ef-
forts and other resources.
Retailers Beat the Heat with New York Wines
Posters Highlight Expansive Offerings of Local Products
Aries Wine and Spirits, White Plains
Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse, Halfmoon
Seneca Wine and Liquor, New Hartford
Houdek’s Spirits Shoppe, Bayport
Lake Liquor, Ronkonkoma
Red Hook Winery, Brooklyn
Baldwin Grapes & Grains, Baldwin
McAdam Buy-Rite, Manhattan
Brooklyn Liquors, Brooklyn (Gowanus)
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